Brief Interview with Coach Taaffe on CHtv Sportscast

There was a thirty second clip of an interview with Ticat head coach Charlie Taaffe on the CHtv sportscast at 6:45 p.m. this evening. He said that he will be coming to training camp with no preconceived notions about his starting lineup and that the players who produce on the field will be the ones who play.

and your point is what ... ???

what do u mean and ur point is what?? r u ppl liike wow some u r jus plain yeh.. wont even say it, hes clearly just giving his input on what he heard and thought it would be nice to share what some may have mist. i beleive that is his point.

and id ont know about u but i never knew that coach taffe said this so now i know. thanks TCTD and god will u people stop barking at others for no reason, seems like every1 n this site has to be better then the rest lay off, we r all cats fans are we not supose to get along??

and as for the topic i would really jus like to see jesse get the nod at tailback this year. thats my only concern regarding who will win a starting spot, local kid great at football hes a money maker here in the hammer ppl pay to see the cats but its a bonus to watch a local kid knock over some american big guys.

what was Said .. I did't get chance to see it

Taaffe is going to ensure that the players who perform best in training camp will start. No passengers allowed.

What know shuld else we?


Your cryptic comments are a beautiful example of why SpellCheck should somehow be outlawed!!!

People! Please! Learn grammar and spelling!!! We're not cavemen!

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Nice point Onknight! Again, you've astounded with your delightful insights!

But you haven't pointed out how this topic is racist! For shame!

If you've ever tried typing on a cell phone, or a Blackberry, you'd understand why the Queen's English is optional to the people that communicate that way often. If you've never typed on a cell phone or a Blackberry, maybe you're closer to being a caveman than you realize. :wink:

Speaking of typing, has anyone else's handwriting gotten worse since they began using computers for everything?....mine has. People used to comment that I had nice handwriting but now it's just chicken scratch I find. I can barely read it myself anymore.

Anyways, hope you all have a groovy Good Friday ....I have to work all weekend myself taking care of client's needs.... ( and besides, my kids like food on the table ya see.. :wink: ) <----- the great motivation

(are we way off topic yet?)

When I text on my cell phone, I have to use Queen’s English so that the dang T9 program understands what I’m texting. If I’m in a chat room, then… just maybe… I’d go to using those short forms that buddy used.

I know that I went through 5 years of English in high school, and I know that to graduate, everyone else needed to as well. This isn’t some chatroom where your responses need to be quick and abbreviated… you can actually think of what to say!

And my handwriting has been just as chicken-scratchy as it was when my teachers sighed over it 25 years ago.

Forget chat rooms. I receive a growing amount of business email filled with short forms of words like r/u/ru/2/b etc. A lot of it comes from busy colleagues with mobile devices replying from airports/taxis/breaks between meetings, etc.

I don't assume they are illiterate - I'd rather they cut corners and communicate quickly than wait two days for a reply.

This here is just entertainment. You can get too clever and cryptic with that stuff, but as long as reasonable people can understand what's written, who cares about the Queen and her English.

We're not cavemen, But were also not taking a litercy test! Not all of us are good with grammer or spelling and who are you to pick him apart! Last time I looked this is a TIGERCAT FAN chat, Not an essay writing contest. So if its that bad and you can't understand it, MOVE ON. If anything isn't spaming worse then bad grammer or spelling?

Back to the topic. I agree with the Jessie comment. I also would not mind seeing Corey Holmes put in somthing more then kick returns and backup positions.

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...that was a beauty UB40. I was holding my gut laughing.
Many Hamiltonians are cavemen (generalization to protect the guilty) and will never improve....there should be a law about posts like that. 1 or 2 errors is fine but that was cryptic....and then some