Brief e-mail I just sent to TSN!


It seems to me like TSN focuses more on the NFL than the CFL in its stories and stuff. You hear so much more about NFL injuries and Terrell Owens than CFL stuff, even when Ricky Williams got injured!

Why is this?

A recent study by the University of Lethbridge showed that 80% if football fans follow the CFL, versus 55% who follow the NFL.

Is this a choice, or do you have some kind of deal with ESPN?

Personally, I would prefer more CFL stories on shows like SportsCentre.

The lack of buzz about the CFL is hurting the league a ton, especially in Toronto, where many consider it to be too minor to warrant their interest. This perception is created by our own media choosing to cover the NFL over Canadian Football.

Best regards,
Chris Fischer[/i]


TSN is fine, CBC is the network I’d be worried about.

why the CBC , they show many CFL games? :?

It’s too bad you didn’t post for proof reading before you sent it. You should have used the Canadian spelling for the word tonne.

The letter also lost much of it’s credibility when you ended the first sentence…" and stuff."

Bad quality, TSN's is better, and many other issues.

Good on you Chris.......keep it up until someone over there finally gets the message.

"Tonne" isn't a Canadian spelling, it's the spelling for the metric measurement of 1000 Kilograms whereas "ton" is the spelling for the Imperial measurement of 2000 pounds.

Dude, learn the difference between 'ton', and 'tonne'.

Would you have preferred me to say 'and other issues', cause that would have sounded worse.

I am deeply sorry that my letter does not meet your standards, you are welcome to do better.

Thank you.

It is a great idea , but the bigger problem is the TORONTO media like the SUN and the Star. The Ottawa media is also very bad. :thdn:

I would not only mention that study but also mention GLEN SUITOR'S article that was posted here. :thup:

Since that study was done in 2001 , the CFL has gotten even more popular. :thup:

check out this thread :

NHL vs. CFL vs. NFL = popularity!

And read all of it to find GLEN's article from CFL Magazine. :thup:

If we all wrote letters , we may get some where , but some people don't even want to try , but complain about it any way.

At least you are willing to at least try. THANK YOU :thup:

Your comments about TSN are valid as to the prominence they sometimes give to other sports on Sportscentre.

But I think those connected with CFL on TSN will vehemently deny they don't care about the CFL given the number of games they show and how much they have done to promote the League.

But I agree with Hello There to a degree. It's more that SOME in the print media yammer on about anything but the CFL or that sports editors place other sports as prominent stories ahead of CFL.

But they are convinced they know where CFL ranks in their market and give it the coverage and promionence they think their readers want.

...GOOD POST...TorontoisMyHome....the priority should be the CFL ...vs the tsn....although they do TRY to promote our league more than a lot of other media outlets....also ...Milt Stegall had a good point the other day regarding the media in this country....his question was...'how come there is very little exposure for CFL. players when it comes to getting commercial work etc...compared to what they get in the states....the CFL is guilty of not promoting or allowing our players to get into the commercial game....i can't remember when i seen the last promotion with CFL players in it....i guess the league dosen't want to let the players make any extra dough....was Milts comment....shame to... because that in turn promotes the league...ITS time the media got into the 21st. century ...regarding the CFL....and quit giving the nfl...that dosen't really need an ad......more exposure!

Ive seen some players do ads locally, Makowsky, Szarka and O'Day as well as Danny Barrett do commercials for Sask-Tel. I do agree with papa, however, that more should be done to promote the league nationally, but that problem doesnt lie with TSN, but rather the coporate sponsors of the CFL.

Im not sure if it's obviously a CFL player or not but there is a beer commercial with an undentified blue bomber. saying htat this beer is the spirit of the cfl. But I do agree that it'd be nice to see some commercials with cfl players in them. Pinball I remmeber doing commercials not too long ago for esquire watches but again it would be nice have our guys in more ads

Torontoismyhome, I applaud your efforts.

However, in the end it all comes down to money and sponsors.

How much money is TSN making selling commercials for NFL games vs. commercials for CFL games?

You may try to make the argument that since TSN is Canadian, they should be patriotic and push the CFL. However, since TSN is independently owned, they have a right to run their network as a business as they see fit.

The CBC, on the other hand, well that is a different story.

I was talking to a former CBC worker and he made the argument that the CBC shouldn't be privatised. Without the CBC, there would be no Canadian identity.

Ya right, whatever.

That being said, if that is the CBC's justification for their multi-billion dollar taxpayer funded budget, then the onus is definately on the CBC to promote the CFL, the Canadian game, it's history and it's relevance to Canada and the so-called Canadian identity.

yep, every sprained toe, coaches hiring or drug charge in the NFL is big news in the Canadian media...while injuries, coaches hiring, ect are hardly mentioned, even on CFL's host broadcaster TSN. Just goes with the territory I guess, if its Canadian, it's second rate...and it probably is :roll:

Good work TIMH, I wish more fans in Toronto would do the same. The reason TSN does this is because that is the attitude of fans in Toronto not the rest of Canada.

So do I.

Agreed, if the CBC is going to be su.cking our taxdollars down the drain, the CFL better get something for it. The CFL is a big part of what makes Canada different from the States.

My apologies. I assumed that when you posted this letter followed by 'Comments?' that you wanted readers to comment on the letter. I did not realize that you only wanted positive comments to stroke your ego.