Bridge for Medlock

Boris Bedie is terrible.
Bridge is 4th string with Montreal, but still better than Nichols.
More playing time for Bridge would determine if he is better than Willy.
Medlock is awsome, but he is an import and easily replacable in a few weeks when the NFL makes cuts. The Bombers could call up a retread like Deangelis until they find a proper kicker

Imo Bridge is better than Kato and Adams.. Popp is an idiot

You might as well suggest Montreal trades a used kicking tee for Medlock.

Bridge is usless in your opinion? I thought he did well last season with very limited action.

Yes, totally useless.

As I explained last year, he's a poor man's Mike Bishop - - big arm but no accuracy and can't read coverage.

That is a trade that neither team would make in my opinion. Bombers probably think what they already have is better than Bridge. On the other side, the Als are willing to stick with Bede for now. Even if they do eventually lose confidence in his ability, the team is not going to pay Medlock's hefty salary when there are other issues that need to be addressed besides kicker.

Especially when they are going nowhere. If Bede was the biggest problem then maybe, but why take on Medlock now unless the Bombers are just looking to dump him and the Als get something of actual value in return.

That's correct. It's like being worried about doing the dishes when your house is on fire.

Montreal's biggest problem is incompetent QBs. That should be their number one focus.

Bede is not a great kicker, but since kickers are a dime a dozen he should be easily upgraded by a minimum salary replacement.

Id rathet have Montreal's QBs over Winnipeg's any day of the week.
Why is Bedie considered an International, but Barftel is considered a national?
Stupid really

I believe that Bartel was designated a national under the old rules that were based on when and where you played football growing up; Bede had the misfortune of being draft eligible under the new rules.

Bartel was brought into the league by Hamilton (2012 I think) and got his "football" training here in Canada (had played Aussie Rules) so yes, under the old rules was considered Canadian.
Medlock was a very accurate kicker for Hamilton (have been a bit surprised with some of his misses this season) but just an average punter at best.
Funny thing with Bede is that the Als thought so much of him last season that they put Whyte "on ice" before eventually releasing him. Seems to have done well for himself in Edmonton.

Bede has a new holder. Although I don't buy that completely as a reason for Bede's dropoff, but there were a couple of bad spots in the exhibition season and first game so his timing/confidence could be impacted I suppose.

Well if Montreal would rather play the midget instead of Bridge, where should Bridge be traded to?

Winnipeg would be wise to wait and see who Toronto is developing at QB and grab him when he becomes available .

There won't be any takers. The guy is completely useless - - no accuracy and no ability to read coverage.

The next stop for Bridge will be the scrap heap.

I wasn't aware that Bede had a new holder and it can take some time for the "chemistry" to fully develop. It might depend on if the holder has been involved in that role before although I think many of them have. Getting a good snap is also important although that might be less of an issue. (Could be Medlocks problem too - new snapper and holder and he is VERY particular along with being a left footed kicker). Lack of confidence might also be an issue unless he is able to have a very short memory when he misses a kick. So often the kicker is blamed for missed kicks when the holder and/or snapper might be at fault. It does have to be a well timed and executed procedure order to be completely successful.