Brian Williams

I have always liked his interviews. He has done a great job over the years.

Perhaps he hadnt had a chance to ask before with ambrosie, but what a horrible interview and topics only 1.5 hrs before kick off. The topics are vailid the timing was horrible.

Once you are this close, lets pump the start of the game up. But no, lets dig up every negative thing on the league just before kickoff. Imagine someone just tuning into their first grey cup, after this interview they would be thinking whats the point of investing time and energy into this.

There is a time and place for this type of interview, just before the biggest event of the year is not it. Its like the job shop commercial on the radio here, where an employee dies so the boss during the eulogy uses the time to recruit the deceased former classmates for the job opening.

You haven’t been around cuz he does the same negative interview every year.

RE: football participation having dropped 40% in Canada.

In ancient Greece the gymnasium actually came before the school that I only wish we emphasized male physical fitness, same-sex education. Boys want to be doers, not sitting still in a class room.

I would have made a terrible football players, but if I was given the right push I could have seen myself into making plays and such as I like details and have always been fascinated by military formations, etc

Part of the problem is education is highly feminized nowadays. You can leave elementary alone as your just kids then, but high school never did it for me. It always held this “fake” facade for me. Some boys need discipline and structure, male role models, but education has bought into the female model.

Decade after decade.

He has been saying the league is dying, since 1984, likely longer than that. I was just too young to remember.

How this jerk is still on TV, I know not. I can remember his jerkitude going back to Don Cherry at the World juniors helping to make Cherry’s career because people (more than just Cherry) wanted to throttle Williams.

I also remember this from a Winter Olympics, I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember it exactly. He’s interviewing somebody and says “You think Joe Blow is a jerk” and the interviewee says “no, I never said that” Five minutes later he is interviewing Joe Blow and Williams says “John Smith says you’re a jerk!” He’s done something like that more than once.

Why is he still around? He was ill informed about the Montreal situation. I think we all know that there is enough interest from various groups that they will be sold, and the team itself is making them more attractive.

TSN time to release the fossil, he adds zero and actually takes away from the broadcast.

Boom baby, the dirty little secret people don't want to talk about.

Why do you think that the most popular (for the most part male dominated) sport is clouded with the concussion issue? It's because the feminazis want to emasculate men at one of their most popular pastimes. I'm not saying it's a big conspiracy because I really don't believe conspiracies happen too often but let me throw this out to you. Feminazis want to kill football, they pick up on the concussion issue and wave the flag. Mothers hear that from influential sources ie Oprah and think, "well I'm not putting my kid in football"

But here's the part you don't hear, concussions happen in a lot of places and especially in some places that people don't want you to hear about.

Female Soccer Players Get the Most Concussions in High School Sports
New research shows that head injuries are now more common in girls' soccer than boys' football.
Hollee Actman Becker

Just sayin'

I totally agree with this. During the week, sure. The day after, sure. But right before the game IS NOT the time to have a gut wrenching talk about all the negatives facjng the CFL and football in general. Horrible timing. Brain dead. So is asking a singer who is seeing his first CFL game to do the commentary then just going to dead air when the guy has a deer in the headlights, WTF are you doing to me look.

Blame TSN, they knew this would happen. As was said, he does it every year. Why they would want to sabotage their own product is beyond me.

I think Ambrosie handled it fairly well giving it the short shrift it deserved. Me, of course, I would have went right after him but that’s not what a commissioner should do.

Although that’s what Gary Bettman does to Ron MacLean at the NHL All Star Game? when MacLean does the same greasy attack job Williams does.

That was the worst pre-game interview I’ve ever seen. If he does this every year why hasn’t he been sacked by TSN? I’m pretty tired of Brian’s interviews in general, but now I’ve got a serious lack of respect for him. This isn’t politics where your job is to make the guy squirm and make the league look bad. This is the CFL’s showcase game and this guy is airing a bunch of dirty laundry. Btw, the football fields near my house are busy every fall with junior and high school football teams. We have two neighbours with kids in football (one now and one a couple years ago) and one of our friend’s kids is on the high school football team. I’m not seeing any lack of interest in football around Calgary. The stands are full and people at the games are having fun. We host a Grey Cup party every year and it’s always a lot of fun with friends, family, great food lots of laughs and lots of excitement. I’ve enjoyed watching CFL since I was a kid. It really bugs me when someone disrespects our game and our fans like that. I guarantee I’ll switch the channel the next time I see Williams trying to be the big time reporter. What a waste of time!

X 2

Doing it while the Cats were driving was seriously bad broadcasting .

I know It sounds overly unforgiving but I would fire Suitor for that major error in judgement .

After that many years doing the job and acting like that was pathetic at the show case game .

Williams needs to see the door as well .

TSN is a joke. Posted in the Cats forum my long winded thoughts.

They dropped the ball on this entire broadcast.

I know this kind of crap tends to surface in social media. But I can’t criticize Brian Williams and then let this garbage go unanswered. I call bull sh…t.

I find it hard to believe that anyone who uses the word "feminazis" does not fully embrace conspiracy theories.

Ha ha ha! I'm thinking of a Venn diagram now that includes home arsenal and prepper amongstother terms, but of course we don't want to veer too far in that direction.

Spot on. The big buzzword now is “toxic masculinity”

I’ve said it before and it hurts to say it again but i would take Rod Black any day over Suitor. Black doesn’t know any better but Suitor was a player fer cripes sake. What a buffoon. He gets all kinds of crap wrong and talks about anything that is NOT football. Maybe a few too many shots to the head, eh Glen ?

I have NEVER liked Williams. I wish Cherry hada smacked him. I know I would have.

Speaking of Rod Black, which seems always fun, I like when he us paired with Dunigan and Dunigan lets Black hear it when he’s off base.

I would love if there were a hidden hot microphone during breaks.

Then of course back to their on-camera personas during the game with Rod as the original Anchorman.