Brian Williams Special on Ottawa ownership group

I saw a clip on Sportscentre of Brian Williams doing some big interview with Jeff Hunt about the proposed new franchise. Has that been aired already? If not, anyone know when it's gonna be on?

I meant to post about that here for the other Ottawa fans to see, so thanks for the reminder. TSN has it available on their website (at least for the time being).

Wow, awesome clip!

Look at that mayor of yours, going out on a limb. He'd have my vote if i lived in Ottawa.


I also contacted Jeff's Office to advise that I was ready to renew my season ticket package... I had a pair of sweet seats that I don't want to loose when the team comes back

And he had mine, now that you mention it.

It seems like a such a no-brainer. I am a little worried about the two councillors speaking against it (or rather, wanting to take time to review all kinds of other plans) just because a vocal minority tends to get so much attention, but if it comes down to a vote, O'Brien makes it sound as though he feels it would pass easily.

Not everyone knows this, but O'Brien tried to buy into the Rough Riders in the team's last years. I think the man means it.

I think tomorrow I'm going to take a minute or two to ask Doucet why he has his head so far up his ass. His stance on this doesn't make much sense.