brian Williams Interview with Danny barrett

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Is he gone next year?? Or will he be back??

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IMO… He’s gone, UNLESS he brings the grey cup to taylor field… OR… Beats Calgary, and has A great showing / heart-felt loss in BC…

I think if he gets past BC and doesn’t bring it home… He will loose it…

But thats just IMO

I think by the way he was talking he doesn't want to be back and won't be back on his own accord. Also, can someone tell me what he meant by saying he made it more appealing to black people to play in Regina. Isn't Narcice black and Richie hall? They were there before Danny or Roy. Thats just crazy talk.

Look at the ratio of Afircan americans/canadians to white ppl...

I believe Danny is correct from saying that. Look at the black - white player ratio say in 89, vs. say 95, vs. NOW... They made it more 'black-friendly'...

However just because Danny and Roy [are/will be] gone I dont think it means ALL the black players will say 'screw it' and get out of the province. I think it was more of a 'branching out' that they created that will help our green & white (and black!) find future talent, regardless of colour, or creed.

There is no question that Danny and Roy were able to attract players to Saskatchewan that would not have otherwise come here.
Roy Shivers is/was the best talent guy in the CFL, and if he wants a job next year, teams will likely be lining up to access those abilities.

I still predict Danny will not be fired....he will resign.
But I also suspect he has not really given that much thought lately, and is just focused upon winning this year.
If we got to 10-8 this year, I would still think Danny will get some votes for coach of the year.
Given the lameduck status the board put him in to start the year, and then the ridiculous firing of Shivers mid season, Danny has done an outstanding job of keeping this team from just spinning out of control.

As for the players leaving or staying, a certain number of players always remain loyal to a coach, or GM, and you will see a number of those guys leave over the next couple of years.
money and stability are always factors, and a guy like Dominguez who is well established and happy in the community might stick it out.
But if Danny is somewhere else, and Dominguez is a free agent, say goodbye....
And there are lots of Dominguez' on the team...

just a quick note on Fantuz. He only signed a one year plus option because he intends to look at any offers from the NFL.
I doubt he'll get very many, if any at all, but he will take that chance if it swings his way.
KK has publically stated he will also look south this year. And Richardson is another guy who will look south.
I think Richardson will actually be a free agent.

I too get the inkling that Danny will resign at the end of the season. I think alot of it has to do with him being passed over for the GM job. Danny knows that a .500 record, after 7 years here, won't be enough to keep his job. Winning the west, or the Grey Cup will help, but I don't think those achievements will be enough. Danny, I believe, is playing out the string, and then will leave on his terms. Frankly, I don't believe the majority of the fans want him back, after such a mediocre season.

About the interview, Danny handled himself well. I don't like Brian Williams as a commentator, and wonder why TSN was goofy enough to sign him up. There are way better up and coming sports people who can do the job better than Williams.

When I saw the interview, I though he's gone for sure. When asked by Brian Williams if he would like to return, his answer was I don't know. The politically correct thing to say is always I would love to be back next year. IMO, he doesn't want to come back.

Realistically, why didnt the Riders offer Danny the GM job, that was completely ridiculous to me...

Well the bottom line is that no matter how many black players Shivers recruited they still couldn't win anything.
George Reed and some of the other players of his era did alright coming to Regina.

Roy Shivers was a good Per. Dir. for Wally Buono and Danny Barrett was a good Off. Co-ord. but they were and are average as GM and HC IMO.

Theres no denying Roy found the talent.... problem was, they had no consistancy, there Credo is, beat the best and lose to the worst. Thats the Shivers/Barrett legacy

I wont even start on Roy's hiring policies, as its been well documented in previous posts :slight_smile:

Bottom line is ..the playoff appearances were meaningless..... they were not even home playoff games, which gives any team, the best chance to WIN & fatten the pocket book.

I think, if you want to be truly measured as a successful Coach/GM tandem... you look at there overall winning percentages and how many times they got you to the BIG SHOW...WIN or LOSE

Barrett's resume might sound good to some GM of a junior college somewhere in the southern US where they don't follow the CFL. 7 years here in Sask, 7 playoff appearances, and a couple western final games in there as well. But the facts are that you only have to finish ahead of one team in the CFL to make the playoffs, or in those years that the Riders were in the crossover, sometimes you don't even have to accomplish that. When a .500 winning percentage is good enough for 3rd place in your division, that really doesn't sound all that great now does it? Sure Danny has a couple western final births, but he has ZERO Grey Cup games. In my opinion all these "offers" that Danny claims to be getting from other teams are nothing more than Danny trying to get Eric Tillman to give him a new contract, and make it sound like he is wanted somewhere else if Tillman refuses to do so.

Danny Barret is hardly claiming to have a bunch of offers. He can't legally talk to any other team without the clubs permission and certainly even if he has, he isn't going to tell anyone.
So I have no idea what you are talking about.

Anyway, GMs are judged by wins, sure, but also by the talent they find, and the financial success of the team.
The Riders were bankrupt both on and off the field when Roy took over.
Since his arrival, the team has eliminated any debt, average attendence is way up, and the team has been successful on the field. Improvements to the overall product such as new turf or the big screen TV are also things done on Roy's watch (no matter what Hopson's resume on the Rider website says).
Roy has done a very good job and will be a member of the Wall of Fame someday.
(And no, we need not discuss Roy's perfectly acceptable hiring practices)

Danny Barret, as coach, should be primarily judged by his win loss record. There are other factors, but coaching is a bottom line thing.
I thought he perhaps should have been fired after 2004. I definately thought he should have been fired after 2005.
But make no mistake. Not because he isn't a good coach--I think he is and will be. But because sometimes coaches, no matter how good they are, hit the wall.
And I felt that is what happened, esp. in 2005.
Part of the problem is, we all believe the talent is there--and that means Roy has done his job--so then if we don't win, the coach needs to be accountable.
But we have been winning--sort of.
The first two years were rebuilding years. And we aren't talking , "oh, the poor 'smos missed the play-offs, what will they do" rebuilding.
We are talking that 3-15 team in 1999 was a god awful, horrid team, devoid of young talent, or any hope of young talent (neg. list). It was awful!
I truly felt sorry for Cal Murphy.
So starting with nothing--no talent, no money, Roy and Danny improved that team significantly each year. Even year one was entertaining and competitive, though we didn't win much.
Since then, 5 straight years in the play-offs and 2 West finals, is actually pretty decent.
Clearly the lack of a home play-off game or a chamionship are painfully missing, but Danny has in fact done a good job.
I think by preventing this team from flying apart at the seams after Roy was fired, this has been his best year as coach.
If we win next week, I say he deserves consideration for his second coach of the year award. Berry will no doubt win, but Danny should be in the running.

Anyway, the conclusion from all this?
I don't think Danny will be back. But he will be unemployed for approx. 5 minutes.
If Tillman wants him back, he will need to offer him a 3 year deal before the play-offs start. And even then danny may just refuse it.
The only reason Danny might even consider staying, is because he likes it here, his family especially likes it here.
But he is a lameduck. Hopson made him a lameduck. Tillman's prescense makes him a lameduck.
And nobody wants to be a lameduck, nor is it a pleasant feeling. Plus it makes a difficult job even more difficult.
If I were Danny Barret, I would run, not walk away from that situation at seasons end.

Arius I could not disagree more. You say that Danny Barrett is a good coach. You also say that the Riders were a talent laden group in the post 2000 era. Now I agree with the argument about talent, but if Danny was such a good coach, then why couldn't he bring all that talent together and form a championship team? That is the mark of a good coach. A good coach has the motivational skills to bring a team together and play as one unit night in and night out. This is one quality that Barrett lacks. I seriously question his motivational skills.

Now I do not doubt that Roy did a fabulous job while he was here, but let's not forget that Eric Tillman was the Riders first choice as GM at the time but turned it down for personal reasons.

Playoff births in 5 consecutive years is hardly something to brag about in the CFL. Have a look at some of the other sports teams playoff streaks and how difficult it is to get into the playoffs in those sports. In the CFL you only have to be better than 1 team to make the playoffs. Realistically a CFL team only has to win 7 games to make the playoffs. So to make it to the western final that makes 8 wins, giving the team an overall record of 8-13. That is hardly a good season.

My point is that Barrett's coaching resume is hardly as good as most people make it out to be. I wouldn't consider him one of the elite coaches in the CFL. There are a couple of reasons why he won't be back next year; 1) the Riders gave the job that was promised to him, to someone else. 2) Tillman (as most GM's do) likes to use his own guys. 3) Danny hasn't brought a champoinship of a home playoff game to Saskatchewan in 7 years, and probably never will. Even if the Riders win the Grey Cup this year, I don't expect DB to even be offered a new contract, whether he wants it or not.

You say you couldn't disagree with me more.
Funny, I read what you say and we actually agree on lots of things.
The only thing we seem to disagre upon at all is how good is Barret. We agree that he has not fullfilled his mandate, he has not taken that next step. Etc., etc..
I would have likely fired him 2 years ago.
But none of that by itself means he is, or is not a good coach.
I don't think Tillman will offer a new deal, unless we win in the play-offs.
and largely for the reasons you state--see--more agreement.
But I doubt Danny will be back for the reasons I give.
Danny Barret is highly regarded amongst his peers. And frankly, it doesn't really matter what you and I think then does it?
Other coaches and GMs think Danny is a good coach, and they think he has done a good job. Ask them!
And he will be hired quickly.

As for Tillman being our first pick 7 years ago, my understanding is, he was actually our third choice, but one and two both turned us down as well.
I know Lancaster was one of them, but I can't recall who was second right now. (might have been Higgins)
Anyway, Roy was my first choice then, and I believe he did a very good job. Definately ahead of Tillman!!
I doubt Tillman would have been my first choice now, but given the oddity of firing your GM midseason, the pickings were slim.
Tillman has worked for 4 clubs in the CFL prior to the Riders. Two have folded, and the other two ended up in such dire financial trouble that the whole league nearly went down.
And if you take out the TO year where he stepped into a team with Flutie, Pinball, they were defending champs, and had the Don as coach, Tillman has a similar record as Roy as a GM and has also never gotten a team a home play-off game. In Ottawa, he never even got them a play-off game.
Now I won't place all the blame at Tillman's door, but still....

But I had an opportunity to buttonhole Tillman for about half an hour and he seems okay. I had a few issues with the things he said, but I liked one thing in particular.
He said he can't guarantee we will win, but he will guarantee he will work as hard as he can to get us there.
I can't ask for much more than that.

Now that I can agree on :lol:

Make no mistake, there are few players in our league that would not rather be soaking up the big green down south. The CFL puts on a great show but i would suspect that if any rider were offered 'six rounds' there would be a puff of smoke where their locker used ot be.