Brian Williams (CBC/TSN)

Williams has announced his retirement and will be rightfull honored on TSN programming this weekend. I really thought the elf-like broadcaster had retired a few years ago. Guess he held the door open, hoping to recover from old age and other maldies. But the sad fact is Williams was worn out and no longer able to make sense in on-air situations. That doesn't take away from his outstanding broadcasting accomplishments over a lengthy career. Williams was never an outstanding play-by-play man. He made his mark as an event or game host, much like Rod Black or nowadays Kate Beirness. Black was the only one who tried dabbling in play-by-play and ended up soiling hundreds of CFL games plus his own nebulous reputation. Williams had the good sense to avoid the "Rod Black Problem."
I'm just curious why there was a 2 or 3 year delay in between Williams being "benched" by TSN and an official retirement announcement? There is no shame with Williams. He did a good job in most of his many assignments over a near 50 year period. And he's 76.

Unlike Bob Cole, who clung to his last microphone until he was nearly 90 yrs old, Williams called it a day early. Good for him. Multi award winning sports broadcaster. Born in Winnipeg. Lots going on for him.

Just kind of a clunky ending to a very solid career!

According to Wikipedia he was doing some work on TSN radio in 2019. Being elderly he probably took time away once COVID hit. They are planning on doing a big pre-game thing at the Grey Cup. He's a CFL guy so I'm sure TSN felt it was the best way to go out.

This is bang on. Out of respect for his career accomplishments TSN kept him on the books until they could find an appropriate way to say goodbye properly. Covid interrupted that for sure