Brian Westbrook or Ladainian Tomlinson

Who is better?

Who would have on your team?


In my thinking from what I've seen of both, Westbrook is the more versatile and better blocker, all round back. LT simply the most explosive back. I'll take Westbrook myself.

i saw westbrook in person.. he was f**cking unbelieveable so i'll go with him.

i am sort of thinking Westbrook.

I just see him getting the ball more because the Eagles have no1 to throw to. (i think their leading reciever last year was Kevan Curtis?)

The chargers have Antonio Gates and Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson.

but i dont know man its a tough one.

Just skip em both and go with A.D.


are you wearing lipstick in that bad boy!!!! arghhhhh huhhuhhuh......

Huge EAGLES fan. Have the McNabb throwback jersey from last year. I'd take Portis or Peterson over either one. Just like watching them play more. It was cool to see LT stand up for his team when the Pats celebrated on the Charger Logo a couple years ago though. Showed his true heart and determination. All of them are great players