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Have to say I'm delighted the Riders have a person like Brian Peters on board both as a Football players and more importantly as a role Model
Just in case you haven't seen this, :smiley:

Thank you for that clip... I shared it on FaceBook


You are more than welcome :slight_smile:

Great video. He is in tough though to make it at safety, if that is where he is slotted.

I doubt he will be slotted there. More likely Sam LB if he can cover, or Wil LB if he can't. And with Brackenridge and Kromah there I doubt he sees much playing time other than maybe Specials or injuries. Which is ok. Let him learn the system. Freemen only played 3 years for us and only the last was he the starting LB. (yes I know he started in the playoffs before that)

With Canadian Butler finally back in place as starting safety after an all star rookie season. With 3rd year player Graog Newman most likely looking to be the back up at safety as well as first year player Bryce McCall listed as DB will have a good chance to be a starting special teamer. Peters will likely move up to one of the LB spots along with another second year pro Sam Hurl with both playing special teams. Chamblain apperears as though he will be going with situational substitutions as he did last year in taking out Lobo on 2nd and long peters could fit nicely in that group.
Another Rider fan base may be popping up in Ohio now. If peters should make the team the kid should be invited to a Riders game

Good interview on Looked good at the minicamp.

Now that I would love to see :smiley:

There has been quite a bit of talk about how good Peters is and he will be slotted as a LB. Should make the roster as a DI but it is always tight to carry Import LBs as DIs with extra receivers, a second import RB, or a return specialist taking those slots. The Riders also may look to be going with an import punter. Peters should be on the 46 but may be hard to have him dress on a regular basis. With Jock Sanders being healthy it could help as he is a triple threat player as RB, SB, and returner. Canadian Veteran Paul Woldu dressed a lot as the back up CB last year also could open a spot for Peters. The emergence last year of Neufeld as a CFL starting RT as a Canadian also opens up some options with only one import Olineman starting and dressing in Rider Rookie of the year Fulton. All of these are very good options.
Now if Sanders is not 100% the need to dress an import back up RB or if Tristian Jackson has to dress as a return specialist and Back up CB than Peters could be in civies for a lot of games.