Brian Peters #27

How did he do. I saw him on special teams alot.

His 1st action coming off PR? I admit I was too busy watching the game............I did not zero on on any specific players very much.

Huh...didn't realize he came off PR and actually played. I liked him in pre-season and was hoping to see him play regular season.

I truly hope that he gets to see some more play,, good potential IMHO

Potential replacement of Ferri?????
Anyone? Anyone?

It could have been Butler but I'm pretty sure Stamps' second TD was caught right in front of him. I liked him in preseason and could be another Sam Hurl type on special teams.

You don't really look at Imports to fill ST roles though...unless they are doing something else as well

Perhaps against Winnipeg is a good time to see what he has got but it is his first year while Ferri is a vet that can play tons of positions. Sittin Ferri might refocus him on being a team player. M

For some reason I thought he was Canadian. Then I looked and he is from Ohio. Touche.

He's been pulling this crap since 2005. If he hasn't shaped up by now sitting him a game or 2 won't change him.

It might be different if he was a star player worth investing the time to try to change his attitude, but he's just another average LB. Not worth it.

Last week who else notcied Butler being asked to rush as part of the front 4..........and got manhandled by their tackles.

Not sure I like this mismatch. I think the idea here is to have him on the edge to keep contain and he is fast enough to chase down a QB? But he was getting clutched by the big guys and basically was swallowed? I think a smart team would audible and run right through him for 5-7 yards?

Especially when out regular 4 guys do get pressure?

Bit perplexed............Butler has underwhelmed me the last 2-3 games as a LB?

Peters..........was 27. He is so tall and arms as long as tree branches............another #45 Mike McCullough.

McCullough back next week................a bunch of guys come free off 9 game...............what to do?

Butler got beat for Stamps 2nd TD ,Brian had the wide player to the right and broke off him when he seen where the ball was going .We are blessed to have young talent like this on the roster. Its great to know we can trust the Front Office to get the Talent and have in place the Coaches to bring it along. Hope Brian plays again this week :slight_smile:

It sounds like Diamond is sitting out some practice time?? I'm thinking he won't be playing this week. A guess only. Maybe a lesson is being given here? About time too.