Brian Diesbourg

So, what happens next if this 25-year-old soccer player/mechanical engineer does make the 50-yarder tomorrow? Personally, I'm with him 100 per cent, but does he get a serious look by anybody in the league? Or is the whole thing written off as a dog-and-pony show with no real meaning? Even though the guy is facing at least as much pressure as any pro place kicker at ANY time of the year. (Hey, we're talking a million bucks here!)

I hope he makes it. The more cash Wendy has to pay him, the less cash it has to run stupid Ranch Tooth commercials...

Considering most pro's have difficulty hitting a 50 yarder reliably ....
Tho I hope for his sake he does it ... But, I'd say his chances are pretty unlikely ...

Kicking a 50 yarder for a million bucks ... if he does it - he'll have earned it ..
It sure won't be easy.


Don't fool yourself ... Its not like the company sponsoring this event (safeway or wendy's or whoever) is ponying up the million bucks ...

Its an insurance claim ... Wendy's or Safeway or whoever .. pay a fee (albeit a large premium) to an insurance company - which calculates probable risk, and sets a price on the insurance purchase. The benficiary is the kicker; if he makes it.


I'm sure thats the way it works.
remember a few years back on Who wants to be a millionaire. The insurance companies were complaining the questions were too easy

I hope he makes it also but he has about a 1 percent chance IMO unless he takes lots of ginseng and caffeine and gets lucky with his aim.

A guy kicked a 35 yarder in the 2002 NFL pro bowl halftime for a million dollars. So something like this has already been done albeit a little bit closer.

he went 0 for 5 from 50 yesterday, but had the distance on one. I think he was 2 of 5 or 3 of 5 from 40. not bad in any case. I know I couldn't do it

i heard he was 7 of 15 from 50 on tv last night but i think they must have been mistaken that would be better than most or all of the paid kickers.

You have to remember it is easier to kick a ball with no players rushing at you trying to block it.

I hope the guy makes it, its right before the game now, and they were showing hime booting them from 40 yds and he might actually have a shot at this! They were saying (Dunigan and co) if he makes the 50yds in front of the crowd he'll be signed to a CFL contract. Funny thing is with a million dollars already he'll be one of the richest players in the league!

Well, not to take much away from the kick or the promotion for Wendy's and CFL except only to take away from his "big" haul. It's $1mil over 40 years! What does that mean? Don't quit your day job just yet Brian. That's $25K/year or a little over $2K per month.

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Geese 40 years.
I figured 20 but still better than nothing
should be tax free as well

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Way to go dude. Just Wendy’s luck anyhow. A guy gets picked to kick for a million and he turns out to be a soccer pro. Good job. Wendy’s actually probably won’t even pay this anyhow. I heard that this contest was insured, so even wendy’s will be happy he made it. more publicity.

and good publicity for the Argos and the CFL.....everyones a winner from attention should be higher than normal tomorrow

If it was me, I'd much rather have it paid in installments rather than getting the lump sum all at once. There's less temptation to blow it all away immediately - an extra two grand per month is just enough to make your life significantly more comfortable without it going straight to your head.....besides, who cares if you don't get the whole lot of it at once? An extra two thousand coming in per month is more than he had two days ago..... :smiley:

.....that was freakin' amazing, though.....somehow I had the feeling he was going to nail it with his last kick.....excellent!

Besides, anything he really wants, I'm sure a bank would be more than willing to give him a loan, knowing that he's got that extra cash coming in. It's not like his job, where he can technically get fired or something, it's as guaranteed as you get.

Think of all the beer and cheese doodles he can buy now!!! :slight_smile:

If you did have the choice, and you chose installments; you'd be making a MASSIVE mathematical / economic error.

2k/month had a lot more value 40 years ago ...
now think about 2k/month in 40 years from now ...

Unless the world / canadian economy takes a massive turn for the worst ... its always better to take sum in full (or large percentage of).


Math schmath.....I'd spend it all and distribute it amongst family members too quickly if I had it all at once.....I'd still take the installments - it would keep me humble.....