Brian Devlin - New Kicker

this guy is awesome, he leadership alone with the goldenhawks will be forever remembered, Not to mention the game winning field goal.... great guy on and off the field. BDEVS FOR KICKER IN 07

no thanks...

the ticats are not in the market for a new kicker....they've got the sure footed BOREHAM :roll:

4th on the depth charts coming in.

Will be very tough to break camp as the Cats kicker.

Actually change that, it won't happen!

Welcome to the site! Good luck to Brian.

BRIAN WILL BE A TI CAT...he has got a way better leg than BOREHAM...check out boreham's stats...brutal...we need someone who will be consistant... BDEVS is the answer

I wish your friend/relative luck, but odds are he doesn't really stand a chance even if he is Canadian. I'm not going to get into a Boreham argument, but you said his stats are brutal. How is 72.2% in FG's worse than the 60.8% Devlin kicked?? As for punting, Fleming's average was 10 yards better than Devlin's. That's a lot. Good luck to him though.

I was thinking the very same thing. Wow, BG, you're becoming as cynical as I am. :wink:

Yay!! I've finally reached my goal. :wink: There's one New Year's resolution out of the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

One day the young uns' are sweet and nice and the next day that's all gone.

JaGuy... aren't you ashamed of yourself contributing to the delinquency of B'girl?

I'm still sweet and nice...

most of the time. :smiley:

Sign vander-jerk hes out of werk pardon the pun.

From the press conference:

"EASLEY: I think pressure is a little synonymous with special teams. I know there’s a lot of work to be done and obviously the management of the team has been at work … we’ve signed two or three kickers … we’ve got a couple of pretty good kickers already on staff. I just look at it as a challenge and I’m excited about it, and I know that with the current talent we have … we can be pretty successful with special teams"

Don't count Boreham out yet.... :wink:

1-2-3 OUT.

Although a Cat has 9 lives, Boreham is close to using them all. :slight_smile:

If the Cats decide against the GMs plans and keep a PK and a punter Boreham has a slight chance to be the kick-off specialist and FG kicker. Not the planned solution, but true we should not count him out quite yet.

Early odds to start the season as posted by a biased Cats fan. Please no betting Cats fans:

Nick Setta.....even money. The man to do both jobs
Pat Flemming...5-1 Might be kept to help with Punting
Jamie Boreham..12-1 If Nick poops his pants in camp
Brian Devlin...99-1 If he dates a coaches daughter

I'm just wondering who would fit the bill as the convenient Ticat fans' scapegoat if Boreham gets cut? - is Kamau Petersen gonna be around?, how bout Aidoo?
Devlin would probably make a fine replacement goat for Boreham though.

How do you know that BD won't date the coach'es daughter? Hugh? How do you know???

The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

all got pretty big mouths on here. coaches daughter eh....its better than who your dating, arent you dating the coaches son....hows that lock jaw doing anyway.... BDEVS FOR KICKER 07

Gee..I haven't logged on for days and the first post I read is this?.......I might have the wrong website me thinks?.....forgive the intrusion... :lol:

Have fun :cowboy:

....logging off again.....gotta go find the Ticats site