Brian Clark released from Calgary

From TSN:

With the Calgary Stampeders deep at linebacker, there appears to be no room for veteran Brian Clark.

According to the Calgary Sun, the Stampeders have released Clark along with fellow linebackers Rob Rodriguez and Cornelius Anthony.

"It was a difficult decision," Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel said on QR77 radio Friday. "I told him he was no longer in the plans and gave him the option whether he wanted to retire or get released. He chose to be released."

Maybe worth a look here?

He also played at MAC. Those shoes are filled quite nicely right now, IMO.

Who played at Mac?

:) Not in reference to McMaster, but middle linebacker, of course.;)

a solid inside present and know the 3-4 defence that
chrehan run.

I think he would be a decent pick up! :thup:

In Spec When They Hired Creehan Taaffe Said We run a 4-3

We did not sign Armour because of the ratio.
I do not see him as a fit here.

What would be a great pick up for you is Cornelious Anthony…

that guys play is phenominal, he is thirty years old, but last year he had 5 pass knock downs, 8 QB sacks and 56 tackles…

Trust me he would be a great addition to your LB crew. you could start him at strong side and keep your canuck on the weak side.

this would be a huge addition to your club IMO and make you improve ieven more… in my eyes hamilton is the most improved team of 08

I was just assumeing that we were running a 3-4 i think that it would work with moreno and clark on the inside try running through there!