Brian Bulcke

Seen Bulcke on the table today with ice on his knee grrrr
Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost
#Ticats DT @bbulcke went down during one-on-ones and has a bag of ice on his knee. Man, that guy could use some luck. #CFL #CFLTC
Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost
#Ticats Kent Austin on @bbulcke injury. “We hope it’s not serious. He’s worked so hard to come back & he’s one of our leaders.? #CFL

Lets Hope he is Ok

I'm with you, Drew. I'll feel a lot better when I see Brian back on the playing field.

He's had a run on bad luck and its time for a change of fortune for him.

By Drew Edwards
[b]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are suddenly, improbably, thin at Canadian defensive tackle.

Veteran Brian Bulcke suffered an apparent left knee injury during one-on-one drills halfway through Wednesday's training camp session at McMaster University. He spent the rest of practice on the trainer's table with a bag of ice on his left knee and limped off the field wearing a brace.

Head coach Kent Austin said he didn't have an immediate update on the severity of the injury, but expressed concern for a well-liked player who suffered a torn bicep last September and missed the second half of the 2014 season.

"We hope it's not serious for Brian," Austin said. "He's worked so hard to come back and he's one of our leaders."

While the Ticats still have all-star Ted Laurent, the team has suffered a rash of injuries and now finds itself with little depth there, at least for now. Linden Gaydosh tore his Achilles in the off-season and is done for the year, Michael Atkinson missed Wednesday's session and is coming off back-to-back knee surgeries while both Hasan Hazime and Evan Gill are rehabbing injuries of their own and aren't practising.[/b]

There has got to be something we can do to address all of these injuries that keep happening. I mean, last season was ridiculous how many guys were getting hurt and this season seems to be more of the same.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
Hearing early indication is the left knee injury suffered by #Ticats DT Brian Bulcke isn't serious. #CFL :thup:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost now36 seconds ago
#Ticats coach Kent Austin on DT Brian Bulcke: getting an MRI, but “dodged a bullet.? Hope to have him ready for regular season. #CFL :thup:

and then this

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 36s37 seconds ago
Austin says Bulcke's knee injury not as serious as feared. MRI scheduled.Austin won't say if Bulcke will be ready 4reg season #CFLTC #Ticats

Looks like nothing Major?? Miss camp?? Any official word??

Bulcke sees a specialist on Thursday. Won't know anything until then.

any news on BB ?

please tell me he's good to go? :frowning:

Done for year according to Drew Edwards.

This is going to mess up our ratio big time.

Sucks that Bulke is out, but Atkison can replace him, and Gill is probably on his way to getting healthy, too. Remember, Ted Laurent is the lone Canadian DL starter, and as long as we have two Canadian depth guys behind him, we will be fine.

I can't believe that Brian Bulke is gone for the season. He'll be very hard to replace.

Brian is a very talented player who has run into an array of bad luck over the past couple of seasons.

Get well, Brian and return to the team only when you're clear of injuries. :thup:

Yup - this is not good news for Bulcke.

[url=] ... acl-injury[/url]
HAMILTON – Kent Austin announced on Friday morning that defensive tackle Brian Bulcke will miss the 2015 season with an ACL injury.

This marks the second season-ending injury in as many years for the 28-year-old. He played eight games for the Ticats last year before tearing his bicep muscle.

That’s 3 National starters gone (2 on the D-line) before the season even begins :frowning:

Good thing none of those “extra? Canadian defensive linemen were traded away.

Quick… surround Ted Laurent and the others in bubble wrap!

Maybe, Brent Urban becomes available from the Ravens later this summer. No, that would probably be a sign of good luck for the D line and we couldn't have that . You gotta feel badly for Bulcke! Get well soon.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

If he reads this, I would like to sincerely wish Brian the best of luck with his re-hab and hope that he re-signs with the team (as this is his last year on his current contract).

Lots of players have battled back successfully from serious injuries. I hope you are one Brian.


Speedy Recovery , terrible news but we all know you will be back stronger than ever :thup:

Sorry to hear about Brian Bulcke, hope he get's well and overcomes yet another injury.

Where is Garrett McIntyre is he still trying out for NFL teams? Maybe with Hickman back as a Tiger-Cat we can get McIntyre back as well.


We already have Norwood.

Would we need McIntyre? I loved him when he was here (had a motor that just - would - not - quit), but realistically, if he was available, he would have a tough time cracking the starting roster.

This. We also have extremely good (and younger ie: cheaper) backups that would give him quite a run for his money. To tell you the truth, he might have a hard time making it through CAMP, let alone cracking the starting lineup...