Brian Bulcke Released In Toronto

Most teams are scrounging through the scrap heap for NIs and here's the Argos dumping a serviceable Canadian for ZERO in return.

Things didn't work out in Toronto for Bulcke because the Argos are absolutely loaded with Canadian talent as well as DLinemen.

No doubt he gets scooped up by one of the teams desperate for NIs - - such as the Regina. Unfortunately for the Riders Bulcke has said he's got ZERO interest for joining that laughable gong show.


Casual fans likely won't know who he is.

I thought it said Brian Burke at

A big surprise, you would have thought the team would give him a few more games to show?
Definitely injury prone, his best years with the Cats.

Bulke and Vaughn Taylor are both available. I don't imagine they'll both be unsigned for long. Must be not much on the trade market or they had high salaries that nobody wanted to pick up.

It's Martin by the way not Taylor and I seriously don't think that either will be picked up anytime soon. Bulcke has played exactly 1 gm of football in the last 2 1/2 yrs and didn't play at all in the 2015 season I personally liked Bulcke when he was here in Hamilton but let's face it he's damaged goods and his career is likely over. Martin might eventually resurface but he's got eight years of wear and tear on his treads and was basically the invisible man on the Als D-Line this season and largely ineffective plus I don't think that too many teams will bite at his salary said to be approx $175,000 per.

Which big name Free agent is going to want to play for Jim Popp when this kind of crap is going on.
Popp is destroying all credibility on that team

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS Aug 17
After agreeing on a pay cut three weeks ago, the Alouettes asked Vaughn Martin to reduce his salary to the minimum of 52K this week.

Players should hold out for contracts that aren’t written on confetti next time.

Yikes. Is that after the pay cut from 3 weeks ago?

What evidence do you have that Bulcke is servicable? Guy missed half of 2014, all of 2015, and has played 1 game this year.

teams don't have the roster size to keep anyone who cannot contribute hoping they will return to form. A few of our top CDN draft eligible players signed a training camp contract with NFL teams. Problem for them, even if they are good they won't be given a chance and will be released in most cases. There are just too many players competing for too few spots.

Agents must already be in touch with CFL clubs regarding a "what if scenario" for their clients. CFL clubs have their rosters set so there won't be very many brought in for a look. By Sept 3rd the player market will be flooded with players. 90 camp bodies cut down to 53. There will be enough players released to stock 3 Canadian Football Leagues along with the 16000+ draft eligible players from last years NCAA football graduating class that have no where to go.

All CFL teams are cheating the roster limits so during next CBA rosters should increase.