Brian Brohm

Is this guy going to be THE guy for the future?

He seems to be carrying the right attitude and even when he was in the UFL I read that he was following the CFL and studying the game.

Personally that's exactly the kind of guy that I want on my team.

Lets hope he sticks and excels.

It's way to early to tell but were going to get a better idea in the next few weeks once they put the pads on for training camp and he gets some action in pre season. Saying that I do think he can be and I liked what I saw out of him in mini camp even tho it was a very limited sample.

Interesting to note Austin is sticking with him instead of going out and getting Brink, Elliott or Jyles. Still have training camp to go thru though.

8) Joey Elliott was just signed to a 3 year contract by the BC Lions last Friday.
  Alex Brink is available once again, after the Argos released him last week, just 2 weeks after signing him.

   Jyles I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.....he is a joke !!!

If you have an inexperienced 2nd QB, Jyles wouldn't be a horrible choice for 3.
A veteran back-up so to speak if the #1 man goes down.
Also a guy who could help mentor a young #2 if that is what you are looking for.

8) Yes he would !! Have you followed Jyles career in the last 3 years ??
   As I said before, Jyles has been a joke with the Argos and the Eskimos in the last 3 years and that is the reason that he 
    is a free agent these days !!

     If you want to mention Joey Elliott or Alex Brink, then that is a totally different scenario !!

      But then again, only Brink is available today as a free agent.