Brian Bratton wins Tom Pate award

Small consolation for last sunday. off to toronto. go CFL go.

I feel for the guy. He was putting together a hell of a season and his injury derailed it...

I don't buy the injury thing. He had lots of time after coming back from the injury to be a difference-maker and instead he went MIA, only showing up in television highlights for the wrong reasons (e.g. the EDF drop). Bowman had a serious injury, came back, and led the team in sacks despite being forced to drop into coverage half the time.

Bratton seems like a great guy, and I certainly respect his community work off the field, but IMO it's time to move on from him on the field. He's a utility receiver in his early '30s who failed to even hit 500 yards this year. With London, Green, and Richardson all holding down spots, I'd like to see if we can find a capable NI wideout to round out the receiving corps (though I'll settle for a younger, better import receiver).

Watkins was never the same after his injury. Some players come back, others don't.

All the more reason to cut ties with Bratton if he's not the same player now as he once was.

bring him back for TC and see how fares. If he manages to be the player before the injury he stays, otherwise let him loose if there is a suitable replacement.

That seems fair. But it has to be a legitimate competition in which Bratton will not start with any advantage due to his veteran status. If he can beat out his competition in camp, good. If not, we move on.

works for me.

Nothing but congratulations to Brian. He's truly one of the most gentle and finest players I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Let's hope he's back better and stronger in 2013.

Met him last night at the Als Huddle party. A true gentleman!
Got the chance to pose for pictures with him and my father. :thup:

I fully agree with D+P. Bratton has had some good seasons with us but, he appears to have regressed somewhat. I would think we need to find his replacement. His final pass drop illustrated that it is time for the team to move on.

Sur ce jeu, Bratton était à se tirailler avec son couvreur pour s'en détacher alors que le ballon était lancé. Il a réussi à le faire mais était hors d'équilibre et reculait en se déplaçant sur sa gauche pour atteindre la position d'arrivée du ballon. La passe était parfaite, il est vrai, mais la situation dans laquelle Bratton pour faire l'attrapé n'était pas facile.

Je lui en veux beaucoup moins à lui d'avoir échappé cette passe dans ces circonstances qu'à Deslauriers de s'être fait bêtement prendre le ballon des mains en tentant de gagner des verges qu'il n'avait pas à gagner de toute façon, le premier essai étant alors acquis.

L'autre point, c'est que si la production de Bratton a baissé en 2012, je ferais remarqué que c'est aussi le cas pour tous les receveurs de l'équipe à l'exception de Deslauriers, Guy et Bowling, pour des raisons évidentes. Nous avons tous souligné la quantité de ballons échappés cette saison qui auraient dû être attrapés. C'est arrivé à Bratton, mais c'est aussi arrivé à Richardson, Green et London (un peu moins, en ce qui le concerne).

Ceci pour dire que Bratton n'a pas vraiment plus moins bien fait que les autres, hormis London.

Qu'on l'amène au camp et il sera en mesure de nous montrer ce qu'il a encore dans le ventre.

...any word on if he dropped the award when receiving it?

:thdn: Not classy.

Classy ? No.

Amusing? Yes.