BRG 3rd Anniversary Flash back Interview

back 3 years Ago Today
When I Started the black and Gold Report
I was lucky to land interviews with Danny Mac & DJ Flick
Danny was my 1st Interview and Frankly I was Nervous as Hell
But he was a Gentleman and Help me get threw my 1st one.

But By Far the best Interview I had was with Former Commissioner Tom Wright .
We Spoke to for nearly 15 Min's about the CFL .
He was Fair and Very Open.

I Decided That it was great time to Re release the Audio Recording for everyone to hear.
I only wish now the Tigercats would let me do more interviews as I enjoy doing them.
My Dream Interview would be Bob Young

I want thank Tom Wright and the CFL for the Chance to Talk to Mr Wright.
Maybe I will Get a Chance to interview new Commissioner Mark Cohon in the near Future

The Interview can found on my site.