Brewery owner forging ahead with Ottawa bid

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D'Angelo hasn't formally met CFL bosses, but has designed new unforms for 'Steelback'

The league has yet to even formally accept his offer to buy Ottawa's mothballed CFL franchise, but Steelback brewery owner Frank D'Angelo is forging ahead with his plan.

D'Angelo said today in a press release he wants to rename the former Renegades the Ottawa Steelback and has even designed a new uniform for the club. All this before he's even had a formal meeting to table an offer to the CFL governors.

Representatives of D'Angelo have approached the CFL with their bid, but the CFL has yet to make any specific comment about it.

"We'll be meeting with city and CFL officials very soon and most importantly, we have started to put together a business and marketing plan that will revitalize and bring a successful franchise back to the capital," D'Angelo said in the release.

Renaming the club, according to D'Angelo, is to "start with a clean slate."

He said he has been consulting with Toronto Argonauts president and CEO Keith Pelley on a variety of issues.

D'Angelo announced his bid to purchase the Renegades franchise about two weeks ago. The team was put into limbo by the CFL when former owner Bernie Glieberman said he would not cover all the team's anticipated losses this year. Many of the former Renegades players were snapped up by other teams in a dispersal draft.

I hope they don't change the name, but i guess since he's buying the team, he can do what he wants with it. And those uniforms are kinda gross looking, no way Reebok would make something like that. But this guy seems interested in bringing football back to Ottawa, let's hope so.

i dont like the name steelbacks its more of a hamilton thing id keep renegades sounds better. if not improve the uniform it looks like a high school football uniform

Apparently he is in today (Ottawa)

Ya, and he's likely getting very little help from the league so far. There's a SHOCKER.....

Is it just me or is this guy really weird. I hope, if he does buy the team, that we don't turn into another circus show...