Brett Smith

New QB signed. Don't know much of him except he put up respectable numbers on a rather bad team. He is a pretty strong armed and mobile QB who can make things happen on his own, and while he was on a weak team, the big thing is this...VERY impressive INT ratios...which would seem to indicate he might be a pretty cerebral QB. What I have read is that he is intense in training, and ecstatic to get a shot. Apparently was on the Argo Roster for a bit last season, but a month after camp...With Ray and Harris he would have primarily been up against Mitchell Gale, who looks like a decent prospect and already had a year in. Tough spot to crack a spot. Further, he elected to go for the draft early, and it really backfired on him.

The footage of him I have seen looks pretty good. I look forward to seeing what he can do.

Keith Price is officially off the roster

watching Brett here in Wyoming i always thought he would be a great fit in the CFL. He has a great arm and he does run the ball very well. He should have stayed for his senior year at Wyoming but got bad advice to enter the NFL draft. I think he is much better than Tino, and of course i'm not a Kevin Glenn fan. He is old and overrated. Hoping Brett makes the team this year. RiderNation i think will like him.

Bump, since it is apparently announced today and smittywyo has some first hand experience watching him posted in this thread.