Brett Smith Riders QB. Thoughts?

JMO from my own observations.
In the pre season the package of plays he ran seemed much different that DD/KG
They seemed to have him on the move rolling out more opposed to sitting in the pocket. (reminded me of 80’s 90’s style. Damion Allen, JC Watts Flutie etc.)

With EDM DC/HC fame coming in blitzing the more pocket passing 5 wide offenses this should be interesting.
Should be intersting. EDM could be coming on blitzes/inside stunts keying on the RB duo. Getting to the regular pocket only to find no QB there.

Outside LBS and CBs having to decide either stick with the receivers or come up and play the running QB.
Cato in Montreal has had his success with this by making the right decions and accurate throws on the run. Smith will need to do the same.

Nice plus for Smith is this his his second pro season and spent expanded Roster time post NFL Cuts with QB Guru Milanovich.

In the Bizzaro world the Riders have lived in so far this season. How crazy if they start rolling with some wins with unknown young QB. Teams have books on DD & KG. No CFL game film for Smith yet.

Could be a blessing in disguise for the Riders. With the team playing the way they are, not finishing games and whatnot, this season is likely a loss for them anyway. It's time to evaluate who our future is going to be as Durant's career is definitely on the back half after two back to back serious injuries. Could Brett Smith be the QB of the future in Riderville? I guess we will find out. Price must also have some skill as he was a late cut in Seattle last season.

always look on the bright side of life…

I would not count out Smith and the Riders just yet. They for sure will have had the worst of that first grouping of 6 games for teams.
Calgary, like most Champions, got hit by free agency. Now two bookend OTs and IMHO the best RB are now down.
EDM has QB Questions for sure as well.
BC so far so good but as well one hit away from playing whose the QB.
Has the Bombers much improved, talent wise, Oline gelling after this first 6 game block. 4 new starters playing together for the first time.

Pretty excited to see Smith and the middle six game block coming for everyone retooling their lineup and schemes.

Yes that is true. Despite the horrid start the Riders are still very much in the thick of things in the west. Nobody is really playing well in the west right now. Calgary could just as easy be in the same position as the Riders as most of their wins have come by small margins. Edmonton played well last week, but Nichols isn’t the answer there. And both BC and Winnipeg are unpredictable.

One has to be optimistic - but would anyone say how blessed we are to be 0-5 and Smith at qb for the next 6 games ?
Be realistic how many can they win ? 1 or 2 would be a great feat - after 11 games can the riders be better then
1-10. Or 2-9 ?
I agree time to develop new qb' s looks like the future has come -Paying Durant 1 million for last 2 years isn't probably the wisest spending or wisest development of the qb positIon - Taman better wake up - is this Winnipeg all over again

Always do FYB. I being on the bright side of things - (with a different avatar), I now ride the Argo treasure to glory. I love the Riders no matter what their record is going to be this year mind you. But for the remainder of the 2015 CFL season, GO ARGOS GO.

Smith has a chance because the protection and run game have been very good. It would be nice to see another young QB establish himself. Edmonton as your first opponent isn't ideal.

All valid points about a second year pro QB in his first full CFL season.
The one thing Smith has in common with the other young/newer QBs who have been playing is they all are athletic and can run. Veteran and newer starters do to injury recently have been a lot more stationary pocket passers. Ray, Burris, Glenn, Nichols. Even DDs has not run as much as he did early on in '09, '10. In '13, '14(until injured) his running stats during the regular season are cut in half.

A bit off topic here but the Riders D played pretty well through 3 plus qtrs until Glenn through the pick in their end of the field. After being banged up the first half his TD saving Tackle put him on the shelf from then on. The Riders had held Hamilton to 17 points and the lead up to that point.
Yes the Riders D gave up big play(s) to allow a second score but by then the damage was done. Smith thrown into the fire against a top Coached D.

All the Riders O weapons are all pretty much healthy right now. Doubtful Jones will change anything up with his D as they will blitz and blitz hard. Plenty of game film on that. Since game one, EDM has not faced a QB who can move like Smith.
Lapo pointed out EDM tendencies this season are to blitz on 1st down and put teams in second and long.
Whether it be Smith rolling out or some quick hitters to playmakers on the outside could neutralize the Blitz. Sustain some drives, move the chains.

The D has added two vet DBs to play the Corners and replace the injury riddled secondary. young guys like Knox JR, Doughty, and Connop will be entering their 5-6th game as starters after a full TC. If they can start working in young National DE Ainsworth more on D ealry in games. That would/could keep both Chick and Hall a lot fresher for the 4th qtr. As well could get DL Derek Walker on the field more with T George. Maybe even get a fresh Markus White off the PR and onto the 44/46. MacDougall is coming up to the end of his 6 game IR. Im not sure what his status is. If he is ready to come back that really gives the Riders a lot more flexibilty with the ratio on D. Can play some S as well as back up at Will/LB.

This has been a pretty good year for young quarterbacks (at least so far). Why not Smith?

400k a year, not 500k.

Well this year he will cost them nothing (CAP money). I would not give up on Durant. Look at Lulay.

Problem was not at QB anyway. Glenn and the Riders led the league in about every offense category. Coaching and Defense are the worse in the CFL. Chamblin made some tragic errors with his staff. This guy Quick can't hold Hall's clipboard.

True that. The defense has had the bulk of injuries and are young in starting really three true rookies 2 at LB and one at DT.
The offense has a different yet veteran Oline. 2 pro proven RBs playing excellent. The receiving corp has a couple of young guns but they are very very good. They have 4 tried and proven receivers that are all playing pretty well overall.
So if your going to have a second year pro QB who has been through 1 NFL TC. 6 games on Argos PR in '14. Has been with the Riders through camp and has got a look a couple of pretty good QBs perform from camp up until last week. Add six games wathin Ray along with Harris who was Smith not that long ago.

So what the heck letter rip Brett Smith. He is big, fast, young, and bold ( at least in pre season)
Bagg is playing great so if they do have him move out of the pocket to the wide side...

I hope Demski is now 100% now. Would love to see him as the primary returner and run wild.

we're pretty much dead in the water.

Chamblin wanted to put his own stamp on the D.
there was no error with Quick as he was hired to be Chamblin's yes man, nothing more nothing less.
but in his defence he couldn't predict the amount of injuries on D but still he should have taken precautions but didn't

unfortunate, but that could very well happen as well with Glenn down now as well.
The one thing is that after last season. Sunseri a second year pro was just given the #2 job. They brought in 2 guys that basically were only battling for th distant number 3 spot. TC 2014, if i rember right only DD and TINO got any kind of reps

2015 QB was a poimt of emphasis

Show a little faith in your team. :cowboy:

Smith was embarrassed As he took post game questions - there are no moral victories when he looked scared and Ill -prepared not all his fault - the riders came in to the game knowing they were beat - body language and execution - no trust in the OC and qb -
As an example the alouettes and Cato are not embarrassed - but the riders ?
Tonights performance was equal to an 0-6'team - nothing more and maybe alittle less


There was a lot to criticize tonite but not that. There was no quit out there tonite. Don't even go there.