Brett Ralph to retire... no word on Brock

I hope Brock joins him. Then Bombers fans can stop trying to shoehorn him into trades...

Brett Ralph is good, his brother's his failed wanabe.Sad to see Brett go, you've done the CFL good my friend :thup:

brock is better than brett tho. bomber fans are silly. i would suspect brock was probably one of our most consistent receivers last season. made a bunch of very nice grabs, has wheels, rarely drops em.. some bomber fans want him gone because of that jet formation thing but really... how it works, is. u run the play the coaches call. Lets see what brock can do in a real offense :slight_smile:

ticat fan ripping on a guy who a few years ago led their team in receiving yards and is canadian? oooohhkkkkkayyy.

Strange that A 28 year old NI starter,and a clutch go-to guy for Hank would retire.....Shame, he was good for the league.

Chief, I hear some Bomber fans are working on a trade with Calgary as we speak. Bombers will get a draft pick and the Stamps get a receiver who will wear Brett's number so the Stamps don't have to pitch any jerseys they've already made up. :wink:

Personally, I hope Brock has a great year for the Bombers to stop all the silly trade suggestions.

I have a hard time figuring out which is which. They're both fast, but hate contact.

Another NI Stamp to bite the dust.

Just realized something... what if the Stamps do try to trade for Brock Ralph. John Comiskey retired earlier this year and what do the Stamps do... they sign his brother, Dan, to a contract. Dan's the older brother just like Brock's the older brother. Hmm...

You guys will never stop trying to peddle that

I thought the same thing. I figure he has something going on in the real world...

:lol: :lol: :lol:

im failry bummed. Brett was a really good for the team. last year was not a great year for him. i dont know if he couldnt get open, or if the playbook wasnt allowing throws his way. I played against him and his brother(s) growing up. so it was always special to see him in a stamps uniform.

i read in the stamps forum calgary has 34 NI comming to training camp, so im not worried too much about the spot. would have loved to see him and his brother play on the same team though. i would have taken him from winnipeg in heart beat.

....he WAS brought in by Kelly.......and you know what happens to players brought in by the 'professor'.... :wink:

Thought he'd have a long and storied career but other things are calling I guess, all the best to him.

...well, 33 now, but it's tough to see a NI with some experience hang up the cleats...I wonder if Forzani's signing had anything to do with Brett's decision?...

I am just glad that dieter is no longer around

I love the idea of trading Brock to the Stamps :lol:

Seriously though, it makes some sense but it would have to be starter on defense, not just a pick.

Stamps are over a barrel on this one.


The reason there is 34 non imports is because a massive search for talent is on. Not so sure it is a good thing.

You got to wonder what is going on in Calgary. Are guys interested in playing there. Huff that much fun to play for ???

...what a crock...'you gotta wonder'...Hufnagel is one of the most respected coaches in the league, players come here to play for him, take your witch hunt eastwards....

...of the 33 NIs in camp only 9 are pure rookies...talent hunts happen on every team, thats what scouts are for....

I was not taking a shot at Huffnagel. Could be they are being pushed out as well. Often management will allow players to retire. Just seems like the media in Calgary has been caught by surprise by these retirement announcements.

...what media isn't caught off guard?'s not like retirements are advertised two weeks in advance...