Brett Ralph retires at 28

A surprise story from Calgary .... the younger of the Ralph brothers .... calls it quits:

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Well that is a Shock

But understand why ...he did it

The Stamps Could trade for Brock Ralph or Talk to us about Chris Bauman
I Expect the Cats to get a good deal on chris who need a change for him to get good

The Stamps are suddenly thin at receiver, Canadian-wise. They only have Thelwell, who is up there in age, and Arjei Franklin. They traded Jabari Arthur to Winnipeg last year.

I agree that Hufnagel might be interested in trading for a Canadian receiver. But I think Bauman and Stala are untouchable. Would Hufnagel be interested in trading for Matt Carter, and would we be interested in trading him? I think Obie is pretty high on Carter.

Why would Bauman be untouchable? He hasn't done a single thing since we drafted him.

Carter has more Upside at this point
I don't Feel Chris could get any better here
He done very little dropped two many balls
There reason we call him Stone hands or Butter fingers Bauman
a Change could only help his Career

i would not want to see Bauman traded at this point in his career. I think this is going to be a big year for him. If he does not have a big year, it would certainly be time to move him out, but I don't see that happening.

people have said that the last two years...
why is this any different? and what exactly gives you this feeling that he is going to have a break out year?

Is Ryan Thelwell supposed to play this year? I thought he was done after his injury last year.

He is coming to camp ???

If he listed on Roster one would think so

I still think Chris is a good Kid But He needs a New place to play IMO
Hie has not shown us much Since he was drafted #1 by our Former GM
He Starting Spot was over Taken by Dave Stalla and Correy Grant Last year
also look who we have now added this year(in Bold)

I think will only carry 3 Canadians Wideouts.
This year
85 Carter, Matt WR Non-Import 6.01 199 1986-08-02 Acadia
8 Grant, Corey WR Non-Import 5.11 205 1976-12-22 Wilfrid Laurier
84 Nicolson, Adam WR Non-Import 6.04 223 1984-08-13 Ottawa
88 Stala, Dave WR Non-Import 6.02 205 1979-10-25 Saint Mary's

Right now I have Depth at Non Import WR this way

(2) Grant
(3) Carter
(4A) Bauman
(4B) Nicolson

I also Think only see one staring Canadian WR so It will be Stalla
We see mostly American Pass Catchers this year
Cause we Canadian Kickers.

This is the CFL , this reminds me of AJ Gass who would retire every spring so that the Eskimos could exceed the permited number of players on their roster.

isnt bauman a free agent at the end of the year? sooo... why would anyone trade for him when all signs point to him voluntarly leaving hamilton on his own?

they need a Canadian receiver this year...

The Bombers managed to trade Arjei Franklin with just weeks left on his contract...
Either way I don't care.Bauman sucks, total draft bust.

Nice. That's your third shot at Bauman in a thread about Ralph. (And it's not like it would be hard to take a shot at a guy who decided to bail on his team a week before training camp.)

Don't forget to cheer for the home team this year.

People bitching at Bauman should bitch at OB since the option was picked up by Obilovich. This was not a player option but a team option.

A hell of a lot was expected of Bauman as a high draft pick and he hasn't come through for us one bit.There's good reason to be mad at the guy.If somebody else wants him, they can have him, he's a distraction from real CFL players.

Well, the question is, who do the stamps have that we want for Bauman? This is of course assuming the Cats are interested, which I don’t think is the case. Trading a young player with potential, is sometimes just the thing to motivate them. So who do the stamps have that we would be interested in? Also, for the record, Matt Carter isn’t going anywhere except maybe Toronto.

Then a family medical issue arose back in Oakville where his parents live — Carter wants the specifics to remain private — and he felt the need to be closer to home. He left and the Lions released him.

Carter says the plan was to come home, work and go back to for his final year at Acadia. But the Ticats came calling. Playing in Hamilton presented the opportunity to keep playing, live at home — where it’s easier to live on $500 — and be near his family.

For Bauman i'd want a decent 2011 pick OR Milt Collins DB OR Keon Raymond DB OR John Eubanks DB OR a neg. list KR that's either a WR/RB/DB and a draft pick.

Although I believe Bauman stinks, he's still a young N/I that was picked 1st overall just a couple seasons back and MAYBE could light things up with a new team like Getzlaf did.

I believe the Tiger Cats have to take some of the blame for Bauman's development they put this guy out there to early and he wasn't ready to play at this level.

Absolutely they do, but by now the guy should've been able to do something.I say we try as hard as we can to get something for him because at the end of the year, chances are he'll have had another crappy season and will probably wonder off to Winnipeg.Gotta git while the gittin's good. :cowboy: