Brett Maher cut by Browns already...

Maybe he re-signs here again. Let see what happens...

Welcome back Brett!!
Maybe just a little early...

That was one cold brown 'cuppa coffee served up. :oops:

He knows the winds at THF, I say welcome back at a reasonable $$$ contract

Have him compete with Castillo at camp

His problems started when his holder(Tasker) missed the last third of the season with injury.
and then his backup 2nd holder(Fantuz) went down at the end of the season.

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Absolutely. It seems more and more with the kicking game, that you only get what you pay for. "Better is better" and this is a good opportunity to see who is better.

I don't like when receivers are holders. I think it should be a back up QB. Receivers are bound to miss time over 18 games (especially Tasker and Fantuz). Back Up QBs are less likely to be injured. Receivers can also be winded from the previous play etc.

Also, it gives you more options for fakes and broken plays having a QB there.

I agree completely here. 3rd string QB position if possible.

Best man for the job to be a holder IMO. If the starting receiver is better than the 3rd string QB at being a holder done deal or vice versa.
FGs are a tough enough job without having the best placement that you can have from a holder.
I can't even tell you who held for FGs down the stretch when Maher started to fade. It could have been the 3rd string QB.

  1. Tasker - injured week 14
  2. Fantuz - injured week 19
  3. 3rd string QB Mattews

Maher's holder could have been, like most NFL teams, the punter. Doug Flutie didn't need a holder when he kicked for the Patriots. Yes, bring back the dropkick!

I saw Maher's problem as being his punting. Early in the season he took too many steps that led to blocked kicks. His directional kicks went out of bounds between the 20s and we were penalized. His on side kicks were less than stellar. The Browns didn't seem to be too impressed with him and remember they are the Browns!

Maybe he might be better this year but we need to look at lots of kickers. Cat fans have been spoiled with Cam Fraser, Bernie Faloney, Joe Zuger, and the Wizard of Oz. Like my first wife said, "why settle for average when good is available?" :lol:

Pat Lynch (the old self-deprecating guy)

And don't forget Sudsy, Tommy Joe, and Bernie Ruoff, all great place kickers. Nobody touches Joe Zuger as a punter in my books.

How hard is it to hold a football while someone kicks it? you practice with the kicker over and over again.
Tasker held the ball for him for 14 weeks, then Fantuz held it for another 5 weeks.
Did all his misses occur when Mathews was the holder?

Everyone on the published roster of 74 signed players has, as of May 19th, now been issued a jersey number, with the exception of Cleshawn Page and Jeremy Stewart who are both listed as "0."
#6 hasn't been assigned. Can we read something into that?

I think i know....Marquay McDaniel is coming back
Or is there another #6 you were referencing :wink:

I agree that to many of us Joe was the best ever. In today's day and age he might not get a look because of his style. Joe was all about quickness and distance. Today it's height and placement. In my mind he would ace these qualities as well if he gave it a shot but it sure gives room for the debates between us old guys and all the young 'uns.

To Mark's point about Joe Zuger, Dave Mann of the Argos had all the height and distance you want in a kicker. His boots would sail with the wind in Tim Horton Field today but against the wind would be a real challenge for the high flyers. Joe's low driving spirals would penetrate the Horton gusts and would fly high and long with the prevailing winds.

Mann was like watching Bobby Jones swing while Zuger was more like Arnold Palmer Both were great and we were happy to see them perform in their primes.

Re-signing Maher would be like taking David Toms in a golf pool when you really want Dustin Johnson. :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old guy who is finally back playing golf after another Canadian winter) :thup:

Like Pat, I too remember watching the great punting skills of Zuger, Mann and also Cam Fraser before them. All, though, only handled one of the three kicking jobs. But, my short term memory recalls last pre-season's kicker camp and being quite concerned about how much of the hole, left by the departure of Medlock, might be filled by the chosen one. It's difficult, for me, to imagine this year's winner, whoever that may turn out to be, becoming a bigger pleasant surprise that Maher was for most '16. I'd be happy to hear that he's coming back to complete for the job again, particularly if determination can override his bruised feelings as was the case with Bakari Grant going into the 2015 season here/

I think a big difference is that we used to think a field goal was sort of like "settling for silver and not gold". Something you tried only when you failed to score a TD, and usually from within say 20 or 25 yards, as opposed to now where a FG is an acceptable outcome for a "stalled" or short drive. Plus, in those days, a 50 yard FG would have been extremely rare, even inconceivable for most square-on kickers, and more likely, the teams would punt to pin the other team, or even to score a single point. Remember, there was no blocking on returns, so long run-backs were rare, even on 40 or 45 yard punts.

Punting was the kicking game, and a strategic play, even on 2nd downs, with QBs like Faloney or Zuger doing the "quick kick" to pin the opposition deep. Heck, remember those crazy Western Finals with teams punting into the end zone and the receiving team kicking it out? Now it seems the FG is the strategic play and the punt seems more of a "failed drive" play?

Palmer: Good points. Well stated. :thup:

I agree. Very good points by Palmer.

I think there are a few other factors that have changed the role of the punting game too.

One was providing for a two-point convert. No need to punt for a rouge if you can get the point easier after a TD.

In the old days, a punt for a rouge resulted in the defensive-conceding team taking over on their own 25 yard line, not the 35. So you could get a point plus pin them deep.

For sure the advent of the soccer-style placekickers made longer field goals possible. Though I do recall lots of 40 yard plus FGs in the old days by the likes of Tommy Joe and Sudsy. 50 yarders were rare. Of course, now with the placement after a missed long FG, lots of long FGs aren't even tried any more until late in a close game when the risk is clearly worth it.