Brett Lauther or Luca Congi

With Lauther showing he is not ready for the big time YET will the Cats be putting Congi back into the line up.
I like Lauther he has a bright future ahead of him (IMHO) but I think Luca has sat on the pine long enough to know he is not irreplaceable. This could be the incentive he needs to kick it up a notch (pardon the pun).
If there is a big game on the line and we need the 3 pointer to win who do you want. (Medlock already said no) so we have two picks. Luca needs to start. I guess we wait for coach Austin to decide>

Congi was nearly perfect last year, so this year's problems is a bit of a mystery, but I have every confidence that he can bounce back and should be given the opportunity. Even on his off days Congi usually makes field goals that Lauther has been missing, plus we need an experienced kicker going into the playoffs...

IIRC it's 72.45% vs. 60% in Congi's favour. 'Nuff said.

I think you go back to Congi give him another shot, Austin has both kickers so if one isn't cutting it bring in the other. Not sure why Luca is missing his kicks this year, maybe it is confidence but he deserves another opportunity to correct his kicking.

It's too bad Josh can't place kick or maybe he needs the experience because he's a great punter and certainly has the leg to boot the ball.

Drew reported today that Congi gets the start against the Als. I fully expect him to have a great game.

Is it possible that Congi has had some sort of low grade injury? I don't even remember the last game he played. Perhaps something from preseason even

I wonder if his lack luster performance has something to do with reinhold cause last year with Daley special teams really had no issues

The pressure is only going to increase these next few games. Congi is the better choice. He's been to the show, he knows how to deal with the end of season crunch, and he needs to get warmed up again. If Congi however doesn't rise to the occasion the next two games, you may as well give it to Lauther. Expose the kid to high pressure for the future and see if he's going to be sticking around next year.

While watching Saturday’s game with my friend, I told him, "It may not come me through the media, but Austin
will make arrangements immediately to reinsert Congi into the lineup.

I’m so glad he did. Lauther appears to have the stronger leg, but Congi is normally much more accurate.

Lauther needs to get rid of his jitters and relax a little to gain accuracy, IMHO. I hope he continues to work on
this facet of the kicking game along with his shattered nerves.

Congi's return to action could be under less than ideal conditions.
48 hrs. before game time, the Montreal forecast calls for a cool, clear afternoon with cross-field winds @ 35 km/hr.

Let's hope that the Offense clicks,scores a ton of points,and we don't have to rely on a f.g. to win the game,cause we'll be up by enough points that a f.g. or two won't matter.If we can score at least 4 t.d's this game,we should win without the benefit of having to rely on f.g.'s. I say and predict that the Cats win this one by at least 10-14 pts.Lets go out on a limb and say final score.......Cats-34....Al's...20.....scoring prediction....4 t.d.'s,2 f.g.'s...Cats......2 t.d's,2 f.g's....Al's. :smiley:

I look at the difference between having Lauther or Congi kicking for the Cats much the way I look at the difference between airline food and hospital food. Both will keep you alive yet neither one has you jumping for joy.

I hope Medlock or somebody of his calibre enters the fold next year. I could see the Cats looking to go with one person for both jobs next year and unfortunately that leaves all the kickers we currently have out of luck IMO.

Why do some of you guys keep saying Congi deserves the shot to get back in there? Is he the better option right now possibly but that doesn't make him a good option and this is professional sports he doesn't deserve anything if he cant do his job.

Because that is the thread's topic. kicker A or kicker B. There are no other kickers to choose from right now.

I have had some fantastic meals on AC and Air Transat flying to Europe before, but Ive never had a good meal in a hospital :lol:

Back to the story: Do we then cut Bartel, who has done a fantastic job at punting this year, to bring in a Monster at field goals? I loved Medlock when he was here but do we fix our punting when its not broke? Can Bartel hold for a left footed kicker, Boltus was Medlocks holder back in 2011, but hes no longer with the Cats...

In this upcoming stretch, I would hand the kicking duties over to Congi for the remainder of the season and playoffs....yes hes struggled this year, but he has Grey Cup and plenty of kicking experience when it comes to playoff time....I guess we'll see what happens....

As per today’s CFL transactions, NIP K Brett Lauther has been deleted from Hamilton active roster and signed to the practice roster.


I get that so you can say you want Congi back, but he hasn't done anything to deserve the job hes just the better of two horrible kickers.

With Giguere ready to go,and needing a roster spot,moving Lauther to the p.r. is the logical choice for deletion.

I swear some of these logical comments are priceless, he had one bad game and all of a sudden he's garbage iam pretty sure there a few other players that played worse and never got benched. Let's hope they keep the streak going and win against montreal

Oh, now I get it. Fair enough. Thanks for he clarification.

I agree.