Brett Favre may return to football!

Rumor has it that he will return to footbal but not the NFL. Further to the rumor it was mention a team in the CFL has interests. Brett stated he love the game and would like to have fun. Could that team be the Riders. It seems he has a connection with coach Miller.

Got a source? Otherwise I’m not bitin’…

So what. Cant see why this is getting so much attention the last few years. He is a good qb thats it. He throws way too many int's. The year they won the superbowl the team was stacked. Much rather see some younger qb's make the switch to the CFL from the NFL

Brett, hang the cleats up my friend, you have nothing to prove to anyone and you can still walk, take it easy man, you're loaded to the kilts anwyays.

id rather see that punter from there back in the Peg.

Turkey??? Did you somehow get ahold of RW05's account?


Rumour also has it that Mark Messier will be in a Flames uniform once the NHL season starts again. My source is just as credible as yours, 05. Quite frankly, I would believe the stupid notion that KJ will be back with the Riders before the season is out... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I did hear on the sports news that he was thinking of coming back but there was no mention of the CFL whatsoever

Next thing you'll tell us, Mats Sundin will be playing for the Canucks......Damn, it might happen! :wink:

For you Sportsman, this exclusive scoop! Mats has just signed with the Winnipeg Jets. His agent Troy Westwood said the negotiations were tough but once daily perogies were thrown in all was well!

Turkey, I knew I could count on you for an accurate report! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. He's been to two Super Bowls, winning one, and just missing out by one game last year of being in the Super Bowl again. He's won three or four MVP awards in the NFL and is the all time leader in career touchdown passes in the NFL, so what does he have to prove to anyone. After 16 or 17 seasons in the NFL, he may still have the ability to play professional football, but not the desire, so why continue to play. Simply stated, Brett Farve will NOT be playing professional football for anyone this year or any year.

"three or four MVP awards" "16 or 17 seasons".

When you can't remember, Google can.

Dam it Turkey how the heck did you get into my account. Favre would not be good enough with that all star QB Crandell there.

Even if this were true, it takes time for an NFL quarterback to learn and adjust to the CFL game. By the time he’s ready to start, his social security will have kicked in.

Actually I heard him say "What the heck is a Saskatchewan"

Although I would Love to See Bret Frave back in a football Unifrom, I do not think he will be in a candian unifrom. There are too many NFL teams in need of a QB ( Falcons, Dolphins, PACKERS, Even the Bears and Vickings) Now, I do see one way that he wants to play in Canada. He does not play for Green Bay, and so does not want to risk the chance of playing aganist them. So he leaves the NFL. But other then that, I see him in a NFL unifrom next year. IF he plays.

Move this thread already I dont want to see some nfl clowns name on this board.

I have many words to describe Bret Frave but Claon would not be one of them. I do think this shoud be moved unless it is stricly about him coming or not coming to the CFL. If it is just him coming back to football, It would be better to have it in the NFL fourm.