Brett Farce, play our Game and see how great you are

Brett Farce is a farce just like the NFL, (NOGOOD FOOTBALL Leaque)

                                               It`s easy for Farce to play on a wee Outside Area Football field with 4 downs, where QB`s don`t get touched and you only need a teen boy throwing arm. If the NFL is so great, all you brainwashed NFL and CFL knockers, have your Super Star Farce play QB in the CFL and see how long he lasts, and watch how great his arm is, he would be a joke!

Farce can play in the overrated, over- hyped (NoGood Football Leaque) and thow his little 6 yr passes in the tiny hard to see 10 yr end zone with no width, yes Farce it`s really easy with your little a feather in your hand.

                                                   Tried of all the NFL brainwashed extremely overrated, over-hyped 

                                                                       NOGOOD FOOTBALL LEAQUE

                                                                 IT A BIG FARCE JUST LIKE BRETT FARCE

What's a leaque? or are you trying to say league...

Ok, got it. :roll:

Isn't that how the French say Leak. :smiley:

I don't know, I think it's how Eskies fans who live in London, Ont say it. :lol:

Aren't the majority of QBs in the CFL American?