Brett Carter

What a great story this has turned out to be. Hope he can stick around.

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.......This kid comes from out of nowhere and could make the club...Have the Bombers been hiding this guy? Another local product along the lines of Andrew Harris, I hope. He made some great catches according to the media ...highlight reel stuff. I know it's only training camp but he was signed today and will probably get into the game. Too bad tsn dumped the preseasoners...Would have been nice to get a look at this guy... :x Riches galore with regard to ni receivers...nice. :thup:

We need some NI receiver depth. Poblah and Watson have both had struggled to stay on the field consistently due to injuries. After that the depth is pretty much limited to Kohlert and Etienne. DiCroce is done with the injury. Aprile went back to school. Perfect opportunity for Carter to claim a roster or PR spot and sounds like he's certainly got himself noticed.

Sounds like Anthony Woodson is back to practicing. Supposedly he's a really good athlete, though hard to say since he missed most of his first year with an injury. I wonder if they might consider him in the receiver mix, a combo back/receiver in a way that Toronto uses Durie for instance.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how Etienne does Wednesday. He's really been turning heads in TC this season making some great catches.

....If there was anything positive at all , that you could take away from that initial game at the new digs, it has to be the catches by Etienne AND Carter....We certainly have something to look forward to, watching these guys and their development :thup: :thup:

While Jade Etienne had 2 receptions for 31 yards,including 1 for 24 yards, Brett Carter's name is not reflected in final stats. By the way, Toronto had 561 net yards of offence to 214 for Winnipeg.


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....I could have sworn that Carter hauled one in...could be mistaken as I did not see the game ..only listened
AND you know stats. are only for losers Richard :lol:

Carter made the last two grabs of the game !

he certainly did have 2 catches that game.

he's looked good also.good for carter for sure.

ricahard? when did pre season stats mean anything tho.

i mean really... yards to yards? who cares, its an irrelevant game..

no how many points toronto got for winning? zero

no how many points bombers got for losing? zero

....Richard is an Als. fan...what does he know about our rooks....I'm really pulling for this kid...I luv it when a player like him appears out of nowhere and defies all of the 'so-called' football gurus ...Certainly he's greener than grass BUT the door has opened for Mr. Carter.... :thup:

FINAL CHAPTER: The feel-good story of camp is coming to an end, as Burke says homegrown receiver Brett Carter will be released after playing the game in Guelph.

“I can’t see him making the club,? Burke said. “We just have so many receivers that are pretty good.?

Carter will not only start, Thursday, he’s been told he’ll play the entire game.

“Because we’re not taking a lot of receivers,? Burke said.

...I hope he isn't too discouraged....I was really pulling for the guy...Maybe next year?? :roll:

He seems to have a lot of heart, something sorely lacking on this club in the last few years. keeping the kid on the the practice roster wouldn't be a wasted spot. What if the kid lights it up in the last game? How do you cut a guy if he goes off for over a 100 yards. Burke shouldn't have said a word and give the kid until the final whistle blows,in the game in Guelph.

I think he's only like 20 years old. Plenty of time for him yet

.....So we're going to keep Carter around... :thup: :thup: I really see a lot of good things for him in the future..Even though he'll most likely return to the Rifles, he'll have picked-up some valuable experience...I see him on the roster next year... :rockin:

Great move by the Bombers. Hopefully he gets a shot next year or maybe through injuries this year!