Bret Smith

I have watch a lot of games over the many years, one thing I have always noticed is how hard we are on our QB's. I have been guilty of it as late as DD, last season we dumped on Tino Seth, and Kerry.

Along comes Bret Smith, I think it is one of the few times, Rider Nation has agreed on a QB and backed him 100%. No negatives and accept he is a raw rookie who will make mistakes. If this is the case, we all see what he can and will become, a great QB in this league. I never thought I'd ever see that here. Just my observation!!

May have something to do with a bright spot in a dismal season and the fact that the last few young guns were really bad, none the less, yes...great to see

hopefully he is our starter next year so we can have a real quarterback

Oh man give it up If I had one wish its that you would be permanently banned from ever showing up here again.

You are a one track poster and we all have heard it before. Go back and kneel before Bo. Your not a rider fan and
you never were. If you do not realize how good Durant has been for this team then there is no point. How many GC were
we in even before Durant? He should have 3 rings now as a starter but for some poor defense that blew it. What other Rider
qb has been even close to that? NONE thats how many.

I bet all 83 of your posts have been Durant bashing. Just plain sad.

You know in some respects, I agree with his assessment of DD. Not saying that DD is horrible but DD has a few traits that do irritate me for example:

  1. Him hanging his head and moping off the field whenever he throws a pick or something else bad happens and then does a slow walk back off. He does it all the time and as a leader he should set a better example.

  2. Telegraphing his passes. Probably one of the worse in the league for staring down his intended receiver before the ball is even snapped.

  3. Has never learned to pump fake. He does it maybe once a season and every time he does it shocks the D so bad that he usually has a receiver wide open

  4. Sometimes his ego gets the best of him

  5. Still has a bunch of time count violations every year. For a QB in the league that long, that should be a rarity

  6. His head is his own worst enemy. Darian needs a lot of moral support when things go wrong, the only way he can get out of a self destructive headspace is if someone goes and talks to him. Sometimes that is a call to dad during a game, other times it is a coach or teammate that attempts to get him out of that headspace. The great QB's don't need that. Flutie didn't, Damon Allan didn't, McManus didn't, Ray doesn't, the General didn't, you won't see Glenn do it, etc, etc.

  7. Last year when he was in, people were making excuses all the time for him. The number one reason fans tried to explain it was "Oh Darian need's time to adjust to his new receivers". First the receiving core was pretty much unchanged with the exception of Dressler being gone. Second, a professional QB shouldn't need 1/2 a season to get the "feel" of his receivers (people were giving that excuse right up to the time he was injured). A pro QB maybe needs two or at most 3 games to get the feel of his receiving core. We have had great examples of how long a good QB takes to adjust. Glenn stepped in and right from day one at training camp felt comfortable with all the receivers, Smith stepped in and it took until his second game to get that feel.

8) He can "whine" at times. A trait that I do not like from some of the QB's of recent years like Hank and Tate and Darrian does it at times as well.

I'm not the only one that makes these observations as I have heard it from many many fans over the years as well.

Don't get me wrong, I like Darian, but there are certain areas of his game that he has shown no improvement in since he was a rookie and some of those are the basics and items that should have subsided with being a vet QB. He is a good, slightly above average, but not great QB. Fortunately he has had his core receiving core for years and they are able to read him and compensate usually for those shortcomings. If he was ever traded though, you would see his abilities tank hard.

Oh it just seems that way since DD took over at QB and we didn't see much of the others because Doubles needs to know his position isn't threatened. DD received the same love as a young gun, Willy did, Steven Jyles did, Rocky Butler felt it, Hank felt it, etc, etc. We are actually pretty good with the young guns that show promise. People were even backing Tino and Seth as well when they first started and it only was when they got their chance (Tino especially) and they showed that they simply didn't have it that the crowd turned on them.

I never said Durant is not without his faults but realistically when he has shown he can be a good qb and in all reality he was the one that got us to the Western semi against the Stamps in 2013 that allowed us to win our GC at home, how can you continually just bash him? Not saying that is what you are doing but that is all greenrider has done. Not once have I ever seen him post anything good about Durant.

That is just blind hate for whatever reason, and it gets a little old real fast.

I do somewhat agree with Deanjo, DD has his fault's, but he is a good QB, with that said, I agree with Jimmy and Greenrider needs to take note of the mistle toe attached to my shirt tale, and needs to find another forum to spew his hate, the guy is a complete idiot!!

Now getting back to Brett. Yes he certainly shows potential and enthusiam to do what it takes to win. That said he does make some bad desicions at times that costs the team but that is to be expected from a rookie and a qb that tries the risky play. Still as times goes on he will need to clean that up. You can't be turning the ball over at least once a game and expect to last long. He is mobile and is not afraid to pull the ball down and take off. Still he also needs to not put himeslf in a spot to get injured by taking shots or again he will not stay healthy or last long.

Yes we need to lock him up for 3 years and even if Durant is healthy next year get him into plenty of game action. If Durant is not ready to go by the beginning of the season then keep Glenn and have Smith as the starter. Still too early to say the Smith is going to be the next great qb but if he continues to progress then by the 2017 season he potentially could be our number one with Durant playing less or who knows what the situation will be with him by then.

It is good to see though the excitement of the fans towards Smith and watching him grow as a qb. Something Rider fans have not had the pleasure of watching since Durant has come in. I think Smith has the potential to be even better then Durant but that remains to be proven yet.

Sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

DD might not be the best QB of all-time, but he is safely in the top 3 the Riders have ever had, and IMO the top 2 (an no, I do not put the General at #1)

Can't we talk about exciting things like the PR and roster many more weeks Randy Richards might have.

Really..........we are 2-15 without DD.

I've said this before and I'll say this again,
we NEED a dedicated QB coach to help in the development of our young QB's and to have a guiding hand when they come of the field in a game .
the offensive coordinator is just to busy running the whole offense
Durant had his best year with a QB coach.
possibly Kevin Glenn can fill this role ? I realise that he still wants to play but ?

Yes I have also said that many times and yes I also said Glenn would be a good candidate but as you mention I guess he wants to play another year from my understanding. Perhaps in the off season they could persuade him to change his mind but I still think he really really wants that ring. Can't blame him after all the years playing and not have one must be bitterly disappointing. This year was suppose to be his chance and oh how we all felt that was possible before game one. Unfortunately the defense that I thought was going to be the least of our concerns turned out to be the Achilles heel of the team.

That is water under the bridge now and realistically the odds of making the playoffs are not good so now onto next year country for us Rider fans. Here is where things get a bit murky as far as what happens to Glenn. Will he be around next year or off to yet another team as an insurance policy? By the way I think we should ask for a refund there being he got hurt but that isn't going to happen. Like real insurance you can't afford not to have it but when you go to use it there is always some loop hole that screws you over. I digress... Anyways yes I think it's just flat out stupid not to have a qb coach and yes I would like to see Glenn fill the position, that I guess is up to whoever is going to be the permanent HC though next year. Hopefully he has enough common sense to realize the importance of having someone to work just with the qb's and help them not only technically but also mentally too. Glenn knows all the highs and lows a qb goes through in a game and a season as he has certainly had plenty of both throughout his career. It's a plain as the nose on your face they should be making every effort towards obtaining him for the position.

Keep in mind as well guys that Doubles might not be ready the start (or possibly any) of next season either.

That is true and thus I mentioned it being a bit bit murky to the status of Glenn with the team for next year. I guess we will have to wait and see how it all plays out.

You can talk about Glenn being a QB coach all you want. Here and now, it is not what he all.

Well Glenn won't be here next year, it will be Durant, Smith, some kid.

If all you armchair GMs wanna trade someone it's Glenn (once he comes off the IL).

I can't say I agree. There is no guarantee that Doubles will even be back next year. A typical Achilles rupture doesn't heal in 12 months.

I have said it before and I will say it again I love the kids guts but if he keep taking these shots, especially head shots he is not going to make it to the end of the season. Legget should have been flagged and so should another bomber on a late hit though. Riders need to start drawing attention to it at a league level. Smith is a target with out a doubt.