Bret Meyer negotiation rights- note this!!!

Okay for a minute please - forget the emotion

we saved money people. and money buys you the potential for new people when the current crop arent working out for you.

is anyone out there really going to objectively tell me that the 2006 edition of the Ticats deserved saving? Or are you all living on emotional attachment?

you could always travel 40 miles down to the road to the over paid, underachieving Maple Laughs if you want to see what the status quo means

check out the fine print-=— negotiation rights to Bret Meyer…

Football is a business folks… there are cash bottom lines and success bottom lines…

they have to overlap

I think Marcel is making the tough decisions that have to be made today…

U can fill the seats on emotion… but not when you are always losing games because you are paying big bucks for mediocrity.

This is going to be an “interesting” season but there is no doubt who is in charge now!
The GM and the Coach

and after the sad sack sophomore atmosphere on the team… foolish penalties, bad pass routes, missed blocks and missed tackles…

i say its about time.

this ain’t Cam Wooley were talkin’ about ladies and gentlemen… its the TiCats.

all i gotta say is i hope that rocky is our number 1 qb this year or this trade is a bust. i like what he brings to the table and he seems calm under pressure, with all bad things aside, Welcome abbord Rocky and knock em dead!!

Okay now that I have yr reading attention- realise Butler is short term..

look at the stats on Bret Meyer.,.. and read across the board.... not just google I think the kids going to be a future #1 with the Tabbies.
and I commend Marcel for thinking with his head, pocket book and football know how

leave heart to smokey
(* remember him? 67 grey cup year....came in as an injury replacement after to playing for the Chiefs and I believe it was Oakland... (correct me if Im wrong) and the defense allowed no touchdowns against the tabbies for th elast 6 count'em SIX GAMES.)

of course... that was the year we beat Regina....sorry Lil General.

I agree 100%

The thing I love about Marcel is he has no loyalty to the current roster. Therefore he is able to make roster moves that some will question now but will work out in the future. Someone mentioned the lack of WR on our roster in his interview with the Spec. he addressed it perfectly. WR are easy to find and we'll get some guys who can play. I'm sure of it. Bret Meyer could be the key to this trade if he comes to the CFL he could be a great player I would compare him to Kerry Joseph or Henry Burris. Both quality QB's in this league. Keep up the good work Marcel.

Sept 2006... Bret Meyer on the run: The Big 12's top returning quarterback just added another dimension to his game.

Bret Meyer threw for 234 yards and a pair of touchdowns in Iowa State's 45-43 overtime victory over Toledo, but his legs proved as valuable as his arm. The senior quarterback rushed for 70 yards and three touchdowns on 18 carries.

Meyer doubled his career total for rushing touchdowns and ran for almost half as many yards in this game as he did all of last year.

think about it folks....!!!

Sounds good but NFL clipboard holding pays a lot more. I'm mildly interested at this stage.... but not excited.

Big 12 Schools

Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Texas A&M
Texas Tech

not exactly chump change... and Meyer was rated tops
by the way... he beat Toledo in his first game and we should all know who came out of Toledo in the 70s..

chuck ealey waaaaayyy back when

so Meyer definitely has pedigree.
the question is? can we get him before the NFL does.