Brescacin stays in double blue, signs extension with Argos

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have signed Canadian receiver Juwan Brescacin to a contract extension, the team announced on Wednesday.

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A restructured/reduced contract salary in 2021 for Juwan Brescacin.


Good move Argos. A little slow off the gate, but at least you’ve started.

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What No headline ONE Canadian EXTENDED .

They actually used a name wow .

By my count the Argos have announced a total of 44 signings and extensions since early December. Doesn't seem like they are slower out of the gate than any other team.

The Argos had for season 2021 the most players signed to contracts, i.e. 45 players; on the opposite, they had the lowest potential free agents i.e. 24.

Since December 7,2020, the number 1 priority of the Argos was restructuring contracts of players signed for 2021; as of January 13,2021 the Argos have restructured the contracts of 35 players; they have re-signed 7 potential free agents and 2 have been released.