Brent Johnson a CAT in 2007???

Lets have an All-OHIO STATE Defensive line next season with Cheatwood, Cotton, Collier and Brent Johnson. Make a deal in off-season with B.C. for his rights, it would be great to see.

B.C. Roster
Brent Johnson #97DE HT: 6.03
WT: 265
Birthdate: 1976-12-07
Born: Kingston, ON
College: Ohio State
Team: 6
CFL: 6

A possable trade candidate to B.C. for Brent Johnson could be Julian Radelin considering he is from the Vancouver area and his contract with the Cats ends I believe at the end of this season.

If we stick with Lumsden, Anthony Davis and of course Corey Holmes already signed for the next three years plus who ever we add next year or so it would be worth it.

i beleive you’re thinking of Clinton Wayne, not Anthony Collier there

doesn't Johnson play DE? Don't get me wrong, I would love to have him... but I just don't think it's very realistic given the DEs we have already.

If Radelins contract is up, B.C. can sign him as a free agent.

Brent may be the league MVP even if he does not win it being a non-Import, and a stud of a “D” lineman.

We would have to give up TONS to get him in a trade.

If wishes were horses then beggers could ride.

I would love to see Brent Johnson in Hamilton. I think he would be an important part of the puzzle.

He's also caught more touchdowns than any of our receivers when B.C. puts him as a tight end in certain formations!

Radlein is signed for another two years if I recall (re-upped for two plus an option in the offseason). Perhaps my math is off, but I'm sure is is locked up for next season.

I like Julian as a FB, but the idea Wally Buono would trade the dominant DE in the country for him is a tad bizarre.

Chances are the Lions will find a way to re-sign Johnson. Their track record in keeping their core group together is laudable. Vancouver itself is a BIG drawing card for FAs.

Oski Wee Wee,