Brent Hawkins

DE...just signed...a draft pick of the Jags, played a bit for them for a couple years. Big kid, still only 26. Could be a player.

If Winnipeg signed him, killer and 123james123 would have already etched his name onto the rookie of the year trophy, and elevated Mack to super-GM-extraordinaire status.

is 6'1 , 244 really that big? i guess so for a DE.... anyone know how his motor is?

On the article on this site they have him listed at 6'3", 244 lbs. Basically a clone of Chick in terms of size.

IMO, motor wise, at 26 with 2 years NFL exp. I think if Hawkins makes the cut he'll be playin Ballz out up here with the NFL still in his sights, which is fine by me.

If Hawk was signed by the Bombers he would be just one of a dozen all-stars.....

Undersized for the NFL as a rush end, but looks to be built ideal for the CFL game.

Just gotta keep him away from the 'night-life' in Regina, 2 bad breathe charges already.

We’ve decided to chalk that up to youthful indiscretion. Not unlike Adarius Bowman, who walked a little too close to a hemp farm just after he was done college.

I heard he got trapped in a phone booth with Willie Nelson, Ross Rebagliati, and Snoop Dog. Could have happened to anyone.

think so eh? show me where ive done that with any of our prospects and ill give you and inkling of credibilty..

and for the record, any import DE we would have signed I wouldnt have really taken to... Phillip Hunt and Odell Willis will more than likely be our starters for 2010.. and I am quite happy with them

Yeah, you know what? I took a brief stroll through some of your posts, and you're right - I miscast you, and perhaps innocently confused you with blue&gold4ever or whatever that guy's name is (all you Bomber fans look the same to me).

But you've been pretty level-headed and consistent in your views, so, I take back my earlier reference to you.

It still stands in regards to killer, however, who clearly has been into the kool aid.

who the heck have i hyped? seriously. i dont know anything about any of our prospects. i think u mean blueandgold but ok. whatever. i find it funny u say that bomber fans are hyping prospects but then u take a look see on the rider section and the same stuff is happening.

Rider fans are hyping the prospects but unlike Bomber fans they’re not comparing them to great guys that they’ve turfed saying that they will do better and that this year they’ll easily clinch 2nd in the east.How could you know that?It doesn’t matter what the player did elsewhere, when they come to the CFL they’ll either be good, great or total crap.Most turn out to be crap and are soon replaced by more rookie’s.Such is the process of rebuilding.

I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out. Lol, in a Rider forum no less! :smiley:

so like 1 fan says this and u lump all bomber fans into this category.. dude seriously like 9 PEOPLE post on the bomber section of this site.. the stadium holds 30,000 ish. 9 PEOPle... think about it.

It's just a natural assumption though, Bomber fans = big pump fest.

Oh please Artie, i like many fans have been excited to see some great prospects come in to the CFL, especially with the Bombers. But as i stated in a post in our forum i have never over hyped a player beyond what anyone else has said, you accused me of stating a player is the next "great superstar" and the "next big thing". I have never said anything more than quotes such as "a promising prospect", "a great prospect", "could be starting material". I have the right to defend myself and you are putting words in my mouth, also even if i had said the next great superstar or whatever you accused me of sayinh, it was in our forum and i have the right to say what i feel, so please stop putting words in my mouth like the mature person i believe you to be.

Again, please 15_championships, i don't recall anyone stating that we would EASILY make 2ND place, i have said the Cats will be hard pressed to improve on last years 9-9 record and combine that with an improving Bomber team it will be a fight to the finish like last season when we had a crap team and the Cats barely beat us out. But as i anticipated the immature Hamilton fans are still trolling around and opening there big mouths on other teams forums. We say something on our forum about our team and then a Cat fan comes and says the Bombers suck or this player sucks or Buck pierce sucks, you never see us going on Ti-Cat forums and running our mouths, but it's understandable that is how you vent your frustrations and try and convince yourselves that The Cats are the best team in the league, by knocking other teams and if that's what it takes to convince you that the Cats are the best so be it, it's okay to be a little scared of The Bombers in 2010 !!


Far be from me to mention that a) this thread is about Brent Hawkins, and b) you guys are debating a who's better than who in the East. I'm getting bored everytime I see a new post in this thread, and I click it only to find you two mowing down each other's grass, not even contributing to the original discussion. Take it outside, p.m. each other, or take to the CFL forum. (Just practicing up for my future as a mod... :smiley: )

No disrespect to anyone...if anyone wants to "Pump up a player", as long as we don't trash someone else, that's cool!!