Brendan Tamen and One Year

We gave Brendan Tame full controll for one year. A year that saw Andy fantuz hit free agency, Wes Cates realeased and in the same breath Jeoffry Renolds released and by the end of this year Durant needs to be signed.
Well thats one heck of a time to have a guy you only trust enough for a one year contract at the helm.
I have always liked Cates just dont think we got to see the best of him the last three years he played considering our passing only game style but to have Renolds waiting in the wings with no one jumping at him yet good gracious wake up. the riders have always been the the team who just did their job and never acted like idiots when they scored this is exactly the type of player Renolds is he just did his job he would mesh in perfectly. He is the next best thing after Cates is he old yes but so was Cates when we got him from calgary and look how he turned out in riderville.
We have some very simple decisions to be made here. Do we have the right guy steering the ship. I dont think so and yes time will tell. When we look back will it be the man who took grey cup contenders and made them into the basement of the league and sold off everything we had. Will the decisions made this year set us on a course that effect our next seven to ten years, oh I think so, It may just be a one year contract but these decisions will seriously hurt this franchise.

  • This kind of stuff hits every club
  • Taman has had "full control" since November
  • The club is and has been bringing in a lot of youth. How can that hurt them in the long run? This is ideal
  • The club may still bring in Joffrey...who knows...or perhaps they will elect to avoid regurgitated talent, as good as it might be, and try to bring in a buy 26 or under that they can build around. They have 1 player who has rushed for over 5000 yards in their career as a Rider...that is like 4 - 1000 yard seasons and a so-so season to achieve...Lets see the future...lets see who is going to be the 2nd Rider to crack 5000 yards

Say what you want but Taman and O'Day have been making all the right moves so far. :thup: Both GM's and Chamblin have reconized what is the issue and are working to resolve it, we've been riding a wake of aging and dare I say pretty talented recycled players but soon the wind dies down and you get a 5-13 season. So then the offseason comes and look at the moves we've made! Were getting younger and faster, looks to me they are bringing in competition for training camp for the Running Back position. They've already unloaded salary with the releases of Gautier, Parenteu. While diceting our O-Line (if we draft Ben Heenan I'll be pumped :rockin: Were getting younger and faster. Do I expect a 13-5 season? NO. And neither should you for an exuse to call for Taman and Chamblin's head, at the same time I expect better than 5-13 and so do they, but with the likes of Edmonton and Calgary going in with two new QB's we have a shot to jump on that early on! Taman you may not dress well but you are making some spiffy moves, keep it goin :cowboy:

yeah, it could be really interesting in the West this year…

Wally is no longer HC, but will he be able to separate himself the role (ie Ken Miller last year). They have also lost some really big names.

The Stamps are w/o Henry, and while Tate looks solid, he is still proving himself. it is not uncommon for a QB to start hot until other teams figure him out. I think he will do well, but we shall see. They at least have a very competent backup.

The Esks have also lost a few stars, including Ray. The big question will be how does Jyles do…is his arm good to go? He can be very deadly, but is also coming off a serious injury for a QB.

Here's how I see this. I'm onside with Taman and so far I can't say I disagree with anything.

Keep in mind what he agreed to adopt. A team that following 2011 wasn't that good. A team that Hopkins allowed tobe lead by Miller.......even though Taman was the GM but had to play second fiddle to Mr. Miller. Nobody knew how this would work but we allhoped it would..............well months afterthefact we all realize mistake number #1 was this screwed up hierarchy. Mistake #2 was hiring Marshall. Mistake #3 was Mr. Miller being so involved with the personell................and on and on.

Last year we really can blame on Hoppy. But hey, everyone makes some mistakes. This clusterball was fixed very rapidly even before our season ended with Miller spepping aside. Then very quickly Hoppy appoints Taman as the official GM. Within two months we hire high energy coach Chamblin who I think is a pretty good fit with what will be a younger/inexperienced team. We hire some good assistands (especially Barrin and Khari).

He got Sholy to resign!

He's made tough calls..............gone Cates, Parenteau and Gauthier. You know how much cap space we now have to blow on Wednesday. Very reasonable to get Fantuz and Brendan Labatte. And we gotta get Tristan back. he deserves every penny and I expect Montreal to be after this guy large!!!!!!!

After free agency guess what..........resign option year guys............DARIAN!

He;s stepped into a little bit of a mess I'd say. I an not a kool aid drinker of Taman's. But 3-4 months and so far I have no issues with what he's done so far.

I don’t envy Taman with the job he has. I’m not totally sold on him, but I do like what he has been doing so far this off season. He’s made some tough decisions letting some very popular players go who have produced for this team in recent years. I think most of us would agree that this orginization (Taman, Mller, Hopson, whoever…) has been guilty in recent years of not making those difficult decisions when they needed to be made. I don’t know about all of you, but I could have tolerated us going 5-13 with a young, inexperienced team that was still growing into itself. Instead we saw an old, tired, unmotivated team that was solid on paper, but weak on the field. At least that’s how I saw it.

Let’s be patient with Taman and what he and the orginization are trying to do. Hopefully they’ll get more than one seaosn to do it.

At what point did anyone say anything about calling for Chamblin`s Head, Tamens Head maybe The head coach never heard of him before he signed but he gets my full support. So the last 3 years must have been all Millers fault because that totaly explains your faith in Tamen
I am saying for the club to only have enough faith to sign him for a one year contract and he guts the team that makes me nervous. So this obviously becomes a rebuilding year which begs the question how good of a record does he need to have to resign him next year. If we have all this younger faster amazing tallent where is the cut off 5 and 13 any thing better than that and you get to keep your job or is it simply make the playoffs and he keeps his job. The conditions have to be kind of lieniant considering situation he has put himself in removing every shread of Tillmans team.
One thing is certin by the end of this year we will know if Tamen is a big enough fish to be swimming in this pond.
So support him if you want, Miller got us to the dance how many times, and now all I here is he was the reason Tamen couldnt do his job. What were the reasons in winnipeg that he couldnt do his job there either.

You don't think he's maybe learned from his mistakes in Winnipeg? And having Mike Kelley probably didn't help. And I'm guessing Chamblin is having a say in most of these moves, he said he wants to win and obviously that wasn't done with the players we had last year so they gutted the team. I'm no full time Taman enthusiast but I like what he's doing this year and even if we go 7-11 and miss out, that's rebuilding and if you think we would have it bad well the Browns of the NFL have been attempting to rebuild since 2000, we have a young core and we can make a run If not this year then next for sure. Have some faith.

correct me if I am mistaken, but I don't think they "Signed" Taman for 1 year...rather he had 1 year remaining on his contract and have not extended it. It is common to have GMs and HCs with the same contract end date, as it is common to extend either's contract going into their final year, so it does not loom over the club during the season. The Roughrider's case, they decided to just leave his as is and give him a year to proove himself. The personnel moves the past couple years have not been great...he was GM, but never had the reins alone. If he had the reins alone, he would probably either be fired already or his contract not renewed at for 2013, but they simply could not make a fair assesment either way. So now the brass has given him full power and a year to see what he can do. Thus far he seems to be doing some really good things. If the team is say 7-5 by week 12, he will likely be extended. if they finish below .500 (8-10 or lower) there will be some heavy evaluation and considerations to make. If they finish with a winning record he is likely safe. If they get a home playoff game there will be a lot of appluads. if they finish at 5-13 he is likely gone. Really, the lowest record that he likely has a chance of being extended on is 8-10 (barring some weird happennings like 10 starters being hurt for the season). I say 8-10 because it is a feasible record for sneaking into the playoffs, and is a big improvement in a rebuilding year.

Taman needs to get a rush end - at least one - hopefully more for depth. He has made no move at all at this position.

Taman needs to shore up the secondary. He resigned his worst DB (Graham), left his best DB (Jackson) unsigned and has made no moves despite watching guys like Shell and Parker go elsewhere.

Now the receiving corps is depleting and zero news on Bagg's progress. The club is on the verge of having a third depth chart gaping hole.

So far Taman has made very small improvements at OL and MLB (basically similar talent but younger).

He has 3 months left though. I'll give him that, but based on his track record I won't hold my breath.

There has been several posts on this. He did get ends....veikune and rowe...also williams, and hawkins is ready to play. veikune might end up lining up in Freeman's LB spot. I would say there is a lot of promise on the DE for 2012.

I belive Jackson wanted to see FA just to ensure he got market value...he is signed now. Taman DID go after cant get them all, and he was focussing on the two OL and Andy the first couple days...i can understand that. Another DB would be nice, but I feel Russ will get more playing time this year, and I think he will impress.

Bagg has said he is ready to go. The Riders have tons of recievers including 3 prooven Canadians, plus Sisco, perhaps JC, McHenry...Dressler, Hill, Wheelright and some new imports to compete for a spot as imports nicely. Wheelwright provides a WR that the club has been lacking since Dominguez days. The loss of Andy sucks, but all knew it was likely. I really liked Koch, but his loss is not a show stopper. What exactly did you expect here? What moves were there to really make?

What exactly did you expect? Another DB and LB would be nice, but he has brought in some good RB and WR prospects, and done amazining with both lines.

Veikune and Rowe - and even Hawkins - which I already addressed as completely unproven potential.

ALL OTHER 7 TEAMS have AT LEAST ONE GUY who is proven to get after QBs. Riders do not have that guy.

As for Jackson, so I missed that signing one day previous to the post. No threads on him on this entire site either. Sue me.

Riders STILL have the worst secondary in the league by a mile. So they signed Woldu. I like the guy, but now you have Woldu, Butler and James Patrick all at safety. Woldu might be the best guy of the 3 to put at halfback, but Woldu at half does not scare Nik Lewis or Jason Barnes or Shawn Gore or Fantuz or (pick your favorite slotback) at all.

Don't even bother trying to compare Sask's secondary to ANY other team with the possible exception of health issues in Montreal.

As for receivers? I'm not sure how you compare Wheelwright to Dominguez, unless you mean tearing his knee in his first game. :stuck_out_tongue: With all due respect to Ernie, whether he becomes the beast that Dominguez was you must be a very wise man to be so certain after witnessing both of Ernie's career catches.

The Riders receiving corps has deteriorated. It is not as good as BC. It is not nearly as good as Montreal anymore. It used to be top 2, not very long ago. It is now 5th or 6th at best. I love Rob Bagg as much as anyone but you cant hang your hat on guys like Bagg Wheelwright (and Brent Hawkins) who have missed an entire season of football. Some guys don't recover from that. I hope that these guys do. i am confident that they will, but if I'm a GM I'll have a backup plan. If I'm a GM IT's MY JOB to have a backup plan.

The Ridres big moves so far have been Mo Lloyd. That's fine, that was easy, but LBs ARE easy. And Labatte. I won't argue that Labatte isn't a good player, in fact I have been one of his biggest fans, but o-line wasn't a big problem last year - other than the 3 game stretch where they were outscored 99-9 - but they were not as bad as the defensive line at least in the first 2 games. The other 15 games the o-line was quite good. But furthermore, in order to fit Labatte in, Taman had to cut 2 good players (Gauthier and Parenteau). Parenteau was run out of town because of 2 bad snaps. Hopefully George Hudson is in good shape because they'll need him.

But the point is that these 2 moves, Lloyd and Labatte don't really make this team any better than the 5-13or 6-12 that they would have been.

What do I expect? I expect a competent GM to fill the gaping holes on the depth chart. I expected Hunt or Peach to come play end. I expected serious pitches for Parker, Shell, Brandon Isaac, Jason Shivers, and failing that, a trade to get SOMEONE in here who can play man/press coverage. The Riders are STILL the only team in the league that does not have ANYONE in their secondary who can play man coverage consistently.

I expect a GM who doesn't panic, throw people nder the bus and scapegoat people when the shit hits the fan like what happened to Kornegay and Mullinder.

I want a GM. A REAL one. Not a joke one. A REAL one.

Woldu always played corner in Montreal, whenever he actually got to play; never safety that I recall. . .

Woldu will be a teams guy likely, with little regular action.

Wheelwrights comparisson is based on his stats prior to CFL, footage I have seen on him, frame and speed. Those make him comparible to Matt...not saying he will live up to that, but he is the first guy they have brought in who might.

Veikune and Rowe will be solid. a DE can largely be compared to their NCAA stats as a translation to success in the CFL. I am not saying these guys are the next Chick or Wake, but I would be shocked if they do not proove to be worthy starters.

I was not taking a shot at you with the Jackson comment, just pointing out that he was now signed. I totally agreed that they still need one more solid DB.

What I like is that the club is bringing in some youth that looks to have potential instead of chasing guys that are past their prime and come at premium wages. I prefer that approach, and it is something I have always liked about Wally...he is very good at seeing potential and giving that potential a shot. Perhaps the present staff will do the same...only a couple seasons will trully tell that. Yes, there are some issues that were not, or not yet anyways, addressed, but the club had a pile of issues last season, and a lot of those issues have either been addressed, or they have made some moves that look like they have strong potential to address them. You can not instantly fix the whole team. Personnally I am fine with them bringing in young guys to see what they can do. Wally did it 2 seasons ago and look what happenned. You can pile your starters up with expensive veterens, but you are going to eeither run out of money or kill your future because you are not building towards it. I would rather see a year or 2 of struggles than a win now followed by a bigger dry spell. Aging vetern recruitment = perpetual rebuilding.

The Riders have been plagued by their success over the past few seasons...Baggs, Chick, Williams all went to the NFL, Hunt retired young, now Simpson perhaps a year or 2 before he should have. These are huge hurdles to overcome. Then looking at the o-line, it was an overaged line-up, whos total salary really tied the clubs ability to make moves elsewhere. Fine...over pay for the OL, but they did not get a group of people who worked well together the past 2 seasons. Joseph took a pay cut to keep that line together for 2007, he saw how good they were and how badly they were needed. At that time those guys were cresting...2- years later (2009-20010), and they were on the downhill slide. Not bad having an elder statesmen in the lineup, but when there are 4 of them your club is in old to trade for anything, to expensive to buy out............hands tied. Now we can hopefully see improvements with a changing of the guards.

I like what the Riders are doing, except for the defensive line. IMO you guys need a pass-rusher at defensive end. One of the new guys could be the answer, but until and unless it happens, the D-line is an area of concern.

Chamblin, well, I'm not sure how one mediocre year as Hamilton's DC got him a head-coaching gig, but he might turn out to be a better HC than a coordinator. At the very least, he's a fresh voice and not another retread like Marshall.

Joffrey Reynolds? Seriously?.. if its choice between him and Cates… I’d rather have Cates… both are now long in the tooth in running back yrs… finding someone younger and quicker would be a priority… Charles wasn’t the answer either… Foord has moved on… lets take a look at the some of the guys we have signed and see what they can do… and if we need to sign a couple of more, then let’s do it… we won’t get better by re-hashing guys already past their prime… in any position.

Hahaha. Do you even follow the team.

First off about our secondary. You are wrong. Butler is a rookie but you can't deny that he showed enormous potential, he will be our Canadian Safety for years to come, plus we have another very good safety in Greg Newman (Hilltops) who will be on the team this year and is a great backup. Frazier is an amazing halfback. He did not have his best year last year, especially at the start, but I suspect that he was trying to do too much and that later in the year he settled down and played very good football. Chris Mckenzie is probably our weakest DB but I think you can insert Patrick in that spot and see a lot of improvement. At Corner we got Nick Graham, who is still very young, but other than a few stop and go's that he bit terribly on he played good football too. And if Graham is no good then Patrick could fill in there too. T Jackson did not let us down at all last year. Then we got a new guy who played a one or two games at the end in Brackenridge who is a bit bigger and seemed to fill in quite well. All of these guys were in a change over year with Richie Hall coming in from Etchevery so growing pains were expected (and seen). Plus a lot of what shows up in the secondary as bad coverage really relates back to the Defensive line and getting to the QB so he can't make all of the reads. Paul Woldu was brought in to replace Tamon George as a special teamer and emergency backup Corner

And then you go and say that our o-line wasn't that bad. They were mediocre at best for the first half and then downright bad for the last half. Bringing in Labatte and Picard (who you neglect to mention once in your rant on Taman not picking up Free Agents) are an immediate upgrade on Makowsky and Paranteau. I don't really know why you even mentioned George Hudson as he was released in December. They cut Gauthier for his larger salary and because he was getting up there. They have brought in at least one American OT to compete with Pat Neufield for that spot. I expect them to bring in at least one or two more OT's to compete for that spot.

Then you complain about them not getting Hunt or Peach to play DE. First off Hunt is a DT, and will never ever play DE in this league. As for Peach he has played like 17 games in the last 3 years, don't need him to come here and sit on our 9-game. we have Hawkins for that, haha.

If you are going to come one here and slam Taman, purely because you have a preconceived notion form years past that you don't like him, you should at least try to do it with intelligent discourse about where the Riders currently are instead of made up stuff and misinformation.

I want a FAN. A REAL one. Not a joke one. A REAL one.

:thup: :thup: :thup: Thank you Billy! great post and couldn't agree more! Also you forgot to mention Eddie Russ which further strengthen's your point. Not to bash prairedog72 but if your idea of building a strong foundation for a team is bringnig in aging veterans far past there prime to plug in for a season and a half well my friend you would make no better of a GM than Taman or anyone else in professional sports, Yeah we may not go 12-6 and strom into the Grey Cup (I do hope so) but were far better off building from the ground up, think of it as Mosaic Stadium and Regina getting a new stadium, yeah we can keep patching the holes at Taylor Field but eventually it's gonna fall apart (bringing in aging veterans) or you can build a brand new stadium that will last for years to come (getting younger and faster)

exactly...the club is looking beyond 1 year. That is great. PS...i have mention Russ several times, including in this tread I believe. He saw little action, but I loved what I saw from him. He has serious wheels and better awareness. He played the left hook zone and was able to break up passes in the left flat...that is impressive. He also provided very good man coverage, though I have not seen him attacked deep at all in game action. I really thought he would see more action, but he stuck out the benches and PR as a rookie, and think he will be worked into the lineup if they can get another import dressed on D.