Brendan Taman

I think it must be said that Mr. Taman has assembled a very good team. Through grit and determination they made it to the Grey Cup, but a lot of that had to do with what Taman, O'Day and their team has done off the field. I'd say there really isn't anything Taman can do now to help them win this game so I wanted to thank him for doing his job as well as he has, and I hope that he gets that much deserved Ring.

Go Riders

Yeah I don't think there's really been any busts from the moves he made in the off season. We added some quality veterans, especially on defense and it has paid dividends.

many were not happy when he got the job

He has done a stellar job since gaining full control. Even if they hit tier 2 lol

I will agree that him and the rest of the Rider's staff deserve full credit for the additions they made to this team. I will admit that when he first got the job I was not a big supporter at all and especially as his first year as "GM" Miller was calling the shots though and that was a disaster. Last year I still wasn't crazy about the team we fielded especially on defense. I can honestly say though this past season they did an outstanding job of making the Rider's defense not the joke of the league and one that is in fact to be feared. While I'm eating a bit of humble pie I will also say I was not a fan of Ritchie Hall as the Defensive coordinator but again with the right players in place he has them looking very mean and hungry. So Good job to all the unsung heroes now bend down and tie up the work boots and get down to prepping for the Big One. :wink:

Miller was the disaster

I think Taman and O'Day did do a really good job.

The trick this season.............and nobody really knows until following the expansion draft, is did we build a team with great depth knowing that we will lose 4-6 players. We might lose a few key players???do we have the depth to absorb that hit and carry forward. Who will we lose..........nobody knows? We'll find out in two weeks what teams can't fill whatever voids????

Alot of GM's have had this in their mind. But their greater priority was what can we do in 2013 to field a great team first, and then be ready for Dec's expansion draft.

Let's leave this expansion talk until two weeks down the raod. The team needs to win a grey cup.

Taman and O'day will be key this week. Their feet will not be up. They will scout miles of video looking for tendancies of players. What does this opponent do well and how can we control that. The coaches will do more of this. But the Taman and O'day will be working as hard as everyone else............why stop now when its so close.

Yes they have done a nice job. We've shown areas of depth and we've had some wekaness areas. But no bigger was this seen this week since George went down and McElveen stepped in. Everyone talks about the stamps being down 2 DT's. Well we down a tackle and a MLB (Rey Williams). but it didn't matter because McCullough didn't allow it to become an excuse by not playing well, same to McElveen. Depth is important and luckily we've had it.

And I think we retain a majority of our draft picks for 2014. Important because we will lose some non-imports in teh draft and having picks to restock the dressing room is important in 2014 and 2015.

I think they always “plan” on losing 4-6 players. We will lose 3 players and 3 players only in the draft, we lose people to free agency, and just plain cutting people every year, so I think we will be able to deal with that when it comes. But in my view Taman really built up the team this year with some guys that I don’t expect to neccesarily see next year in the hopes of getting to the Grey Cup this year, and next year be damned. Well mission accomplished, now just win the damn thing.

I keep hearing they will be over the cap. Worth it to win a GC at home. Taman has silenced any critics this year including me. I think if we didn't have Miller we'd have one both GCs we lost. He really appears to have hurt this team.

He hurt our team by getting us to two great cups? Obviously he was a terrible head coach... The only time Miller ever hurt this team was when he over stepped his boundaries and became VP of football operations and didn't allow Taman to do his job.

Dragging Miller into this is laughable. Miller had two good years. His players would have jumped off bridges for the guy.

As Miller entered VP football operations.............who approved it. Taman, Miller.........nope.

If you have concerns over 2011 lay it at the feet of Hopson and the board. They approved Miller as VP with Taman GM. Miller wanted Greg Marshall as coach...........they screwed up, it is what it is. But Hopson has made many astute moves for this club........he can get away with that judgement call. Fire Hoppy..........I would not suggest it. He seems to be money on the business ops side of the Riders. Just keep him away from football ops.

Get over Miller. He was a great guy for our team. He was a way better coach than organizational mastermind. You make mistakes you move on.

Leave Miller out of this. If the club was to pay for a flight for his wife and he to enjoy Grey Cup, I would applaud that.

With a Rider Grey Cup win on Sunday, GM Taman will earn the respect of all of us who questioned his ability. GO RIDERS!

Taman and Chamblain were not the big name guys when they got their jobs but the job they have done systematically putting a club together going from worst to the Grey Cup in two seasons is a job well done.
A lot of big name free agents entered the picture to help put the team over the top but overlooked may be the job they have done in building a core Oline through the draft, free agency, trades, and home grown talent for depth. The one olineman they probably could not protect that would have been taken was Neufeld and they traded him for a rental in Hall. That was one heck of a deal. Neufeld could actually be back in a few tears in his prime when he is a free agent

I'd say in spite of him. Their level of play was based on the team Austin and Shivers had left hangin around. Taman would have improved the team ( we saw this in his first year at the controls already) and Chamblin may have been the HC as Taman had his eye on him for a while from what he has said in the past. Also some really poor coaching decisions by Miller during both GC games. Champlain should know that Austin will be aggressive in play calling and will not be conservative like Miller was. Chamblin can't afford to play call like Miller did.

He did a great job this off season year. He didn't do a great a job last off season. This off season he did almost complete opposite of what he normally does, certainly defensively. Not sure if it was an accident or if he has actually learned anything. My jaw hit the floor when he signed Foley. I never would have thought that he would actually make a great move like that. All his previous moves over the years have largely neglected DE talent in favor of signing a big money MLB for marginal improvement at mack and his defenses have suffered accordingly. In Winnipeg he had Doug Brown, Hefney and Suber and that was about it, I guess Jovon Johnson. As soon as he left taking Barrin Simpson with him, swaggerville was built. Say what you want about the swag but that was one hell of a D for about a year and a half no thanks to Taman.

Over the years he has largely been a rather poor GM, but somehow out of the blue he has built a hell of a team this year. I have no idea where it came from but I hope he keeps it up.

Mr. Taman as a former Aden Bowman alumni congrats to you and that front office staff for putting together this Grey Cup winning team , now your work is cut out for you and your saff trying to keep this team togehter as much as possible. Once again thank you your staff and the Saskatchewan Roughrider players for this Grey Cup and heres to the first of many in the second century of the CFL.

Yes sir, congrats to Mr. Taman. To all those guys under the radar, Taman, O'day, Smith the scout who's out there beating practice fields all across north america. Ivan and the staff keeping the players body together.

But I saw Taman getting some hugs on the field and I was happy for him. He's been arounbd the league 20-22 yrs? Finally got a cup.

How about Foley, unselfish and I'll be pissed if we can;t keep him around. He's growing on me.

Chick was a bloody beast. When they did not double up on him he was unstoppbable. That hard shot on Henry and forced fumble. Chick was easily defensive man of the match.

DD played well........execpt putting it on the turf 3 times...........but it doesn;t matter at all and DD got the win.

O-line.........owned the Cats. The shove upfield was 3-4 yeards at times. That is why Sheets caused so much havoc.

Back to Taman.......congrats to the front office. Well deserved.

Ken Miller was a coaches coach and deserved respect for the job he did with what he had,lets not forget the series of coaches that our business moguls brought in (Daly,et al) Some stupid boneheaded decisions.Miller?? I strongly believe those that criticize him are misguided fools.

I truly believe that if Miller was 10 years younger and stuck around a bit longer he may have coached this team to a dynasty. His administration skills were questionable tho.

Back to Taman the guy doesn't get enough credit. He has put together solid teams and found solid players in the past. He has always come up just a little short until this season.