Brendan Taman

I have never been more desgusted then I was last weekend with the Riders. Driving over five hours to Winnipeg only to have the team not show up against one of the basement teams in the league was not only humiliating, but should never have happened. Taman inherited a team that has been in the Grey Cup two of the last three seasons. Does Taman have what it takes to make the necessary changes to turn this team around? His track record isnt the greatest, being in Winnipeg for how long without a Grey Cup win. If not, can him now. I do not want to see this team slip back to how it was in the 1990s.

I will reserve judgement until I see how good the promised import offensive lineman performs.

The Riders did not show up. They looked as lost as the Eskimos. Hopefully they find the root of the problem and turn it around. Bt I think it goes a lot deeper than Rodriguez and Dorsey.

Whats to reserve he took the cfl # 1 franchise and put us back where we were bofore Shivers and Barret started trying to fix this organization the guy has no proven track record, his record shows he sucks we are swiftly turning into the saskatchewan blue bombers. Miller has never been the best coach its been the people around him, well now he is surrounded by idiots. Someone please post what this football gods record was when he ruled the bombers, now my memory aint so good but we wernt playing them in the G.C. It was a knee jerk reaction to ditching tillman should have shopped a little longer. Might as well have brought in Danny Mac from Edmonton at least it took him 4 years to destroy a grey cup contender.

Mark these words to fix this team taman will flease this team to the rest of the league trying to fix its most glareing problems (right now the O-line) when he's finished we'll be lucky to still have Dressler and Durant who wont want to be here because the team will suck. Remember the teams of the 80s and 90s we were just the pit stop and the way to the rest of their career

I don't think a few bad games means the Riders are spiraling out of control. I think people forget that Ken MIller is Taman's boss. I respect Ken Miller and I have complete faith that he can get this team going again.

We can blame the BOD for Taman> Tillman should still be here! It would have been rocky at the start but fans would have gotten over it quick with a winning team on the field. But the bod thought they could do Tillmans job the same and guess ain't workin!!

Does anyone know how long Tamans' contract is for?

boy you guys are irrespressible…
Your winning % is good…generally as good as past years…
must be a tough place to play

Durant may be wondering IF he wants to stay after contract…way too much negativity…
Do you expect to go 18-0?

sorry flag certian players like being here but that even gives way to irresponsible leadership and that is what tamen is do we expect 18 and 0 no were not alberta but we do expect last years grey cup team to beat the bottom dwellers of the cfl not roll over when they play them the problems here are management we just went from the best GM to probabley the worst GM and he brought all his buddies with him from winnepeg. If your shocked by our comments I suggest you go and post on whatever cfl team sight you come from, because were riders we already know how to loose and keep a franchise going could your team do that? I dont think so. We would just rather not return to those days one year after being # 1.

what? sheesh

I wouldn't worry too much. There's lots the Riders need to improve but, if anything, I think the losses to Edmonton and Winnipeg could be the best things that happen to the organization this season. Even if the losses don't help to point out our glaring flaws they will certainly help to clear the bandwagon jumpers off. For a few games anyway, at least until we start winning again.

I will never jump off the Rider bandwagon. This season I have been to two away games, both in which we got completely annihilated. I usually try and go to one road game every year, no matter how poorly we are playing. Bottom line, the loss to Winnipeg by 29 points was inexcusable. We as fans should be asking questions, especially when we have the talent. To me, Taman has made some questionable decisions that I have even pointed out since the beginning of the season. We have only played one solid road game this year against BC. That wont cut it, especially when its almost set in stone that we will have to play on the road in at least one game on the road to the Cup.

Assuming you to be correct (and I do believe that you are) that the team has the talent, then there's no way you can blame Taman for the team laying an egg in Winnipeg. That falls to the players themselves and the coaching staff. But, that said, I really wouldn't look to hard to place blame for that game. . . there were two teams on the field, remember, and the other guys get paid to play and coach in the game too. So that result, to me, is better explained by giving credit to the Bombers rather than finding fault with the Riders. The Bombers simply wanted that game more and played with a tremendous amount of heart, desire, intensity, and determination, something none of us had really seen from them all season so far (hence their record in the standings).

Taman IS the problem with the Riders, trust me is it a coincidence that Taman becomes GM and hires Berry, Daley and brings in Dinwiddie as your backup? No coincidence we seen it in Winnipeg for years, Taman is crap and it won't be long until he ruins a proud franchise in Regina. BTW Winnipeg is not a basement dwelling team, we are better than everyone gives us credit for and will make a strong run at the playoffs, Lapo, Reed and Baressi had a better game plan than Miller, Berry and company simple as that ... We outplayed you guys in every aspect of the game simple as that. You need to Can Taman before he leaves your Riders in shambles like he did here in Winnipeg, his only proven track record in Winnipeg was:

  1. Losing
  2. Not putting together a Grey Cup caliber team
  3. Signing other teams older castoffs (Dinwiddie as your backup)
  4. Trading away draft picks for older players (this is coming trust me)
  5. Hiring friends instead of the better candidates (Berry, Daley)

It's all on Taman for those of you who say don't blame him, the guy has done nothing in his career as GM except lose and make wrong decisions over and over again, what do you expect from a guy who entered the league as a waterboy?

And that was exactly my point. . .instead of trying to find blame on the Riders side of things, give credit where credit is due. . . it's not so much that the Riders lost but that Winnipeg won.

To be clear, I wasn't accusing anyone on here of being bandwagon jumpers, least of all you. Also, I'm not attempting to defend Taman, Berry or any other coach. I mean, getting only one point a half is pathetic. Not Toronto of last year Pathetic but pathetic none-the-less. In fact, I more or less agree with everything you've said here.

What I am aiming at though, is that I'm trying to find the silver-lining (so to speak) of this recent cloud the Riders have been under and, as I see it, that lining comes down to two major things:

  • Just as a lot of the Rider weaknesses were laid bare for the entire league to see, it also meant we got a wake-up-call look at these weaknesses as well. With proper management, play calling and execution we should be able to drastically reduce those weaknesses as the season progresses. If not, well, it will make clearing out the bad brass that much easier.

  • Plus If we don't adjust properly then that will definetely result in more losses and more of said bandwagon jumpers jumping off.

Despite our last two losses I still think we have a decent chance at Grey Cup contention. As others have pointed out Winnipeg doesn't suck (well they suck, but their football club is playing decently despite their record), their defence has impressed me almost all season. They just have always struggled at the QB position and, despite this win against us, I think they still have some heavy weakness there waiting to be exploited (further). It's going to be more difficult particularly given that we still have to face Calgary twice but keeping an eye on the forest through the trees helps

I do give credit where credit is due. I do not believe that Winnipeg is 31-2 better than the Riders, however. We are underachieving big time. Also, we do have a few glaring holes (offensive line, and special teams). The offensive line has been playing poorly for most of the season. Without an offensive line, Durant can not play up to his full potential. Without Durant playing up to his potential, his recievers cannot play up to theirs either. Without a special teams, our defense is constantly forced to play a shortened field. How many times did Dorsey drop the ball in that game on a kickoff/punt? Finding players to fill the holes is Tamans job. So far he has not done a good job of it.