Brendan Taman

is a pretty good GM all things considerd. he rapes people in trades, he can put together a good team comming from a terrible 5-13 season. and does it all within the budget that lyle gives him, o we dont further our debt........ but

NOT for QB's. i like Glenn, but all the Glenn haters do have a point. hes not the elite type of QB that strikes fear into your heart when u play the winnipeg blue bombers, he not the kinda guy that can bail your team out when the defence makes a mistake. hes a winning QB but hes not at that top level, i dont know if he can be, i think he'll continue to get better and better as we get a better team. he'll only be as good as the team around him. and for back ups what has brendan done?

he says the big reason he doesnt want to sign banks, or any other free agent CFL QB, is that he wants to find the next buck pierce, and the guys hes looking at wont come unless the number two jobs wide open. so why not bring in a guy with CFL experiance and make them all battle for number two, that way if all his little college boys continue to do nothing but suck, he can put the guy with CFL experiance in at number 2. Glenns gonna get injured, and were gonna lose every game that hes out, again.

im sorry, its just really ticking me off that he doesnt sign a QB at least with cfl experiance. not even experiance with this system, just CFL experiance. its rediculous.... it really is.

I totally agree here. We have no one to take the ball if Glenn gets hurt. Taman should bring in all the qb's he can from the colleges or players that have CFL experience. Let them fight for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string jobs. I also don't think making a college kid 2nd string is very wise. Many times we have to start these kids, or players without much CFL experience when they are not ready. They suck and we send them packing. Let them learn for a year before moving up to 2nd string.

Please Taman get us a proven CFL backup.

But there’s the problem…where do you find a “proven CFL backup”?

Buck Pierce…Wally ain’t letting him go unless you want to pay an arm and a leg, and Jarious Jackson sure isn’t “proven”

Edmonton’s backups are similarly not “proven”…Danny Mac in Calgary is but he’s a has-been, and their other QB, Corley, is a “never-will”.

Crandell might be considered to be proven, but having traded Butler away Tillman won’t let Crandell go anywhere.

Toronto has no “proven backup” nor does Hamilton; Marcus Brady in Montreal might qualify.

So you see it’s very slim pickings…it’s all well and good to say you want a proven CFL backup, but something else entirely to go out and get one, unless you want to look at unsigned F/A with experience…Spergon Wynn? Nealon Greene? Darnell Kennedy? Ted White? Spare us.

So I wouldn’t blame Taman for going the college route, he may not have any real choice.

And, here’s one college QB the Bombers have just signed, Justin Holland:

The QB is a rough deal, and I think that something should be happening soon, even if it's a declaration that Kevin is it and that's final.

I Agree Excpet the fact the tor has ''no prove'' backup or starter :lol:

By saying Toronto has no proven backup I was thinking of Crouch and the two new signings; they are all unproven at this point. Bishop is back in the AFL.