Brendan Taman wants back in - - -

Article today in Winnipeg Sun - (abridged due to copyright) - indicating former Bomber Asst. GM & Riders GM is sniffing around for opportunity. Can't see him getting a GM position right now - as fresh faces have emerged in the CFL - but who knows how long some of them will last. Bridges burned for Taman in Regina & Winnipeg but other than that he could probably take a second tier job in a couple CFL centres - VP Canadian player development, cap manager, etc. He's an earnest man - very honest - which btw in today's CFL might be a negative vs. positive. I'll let the article speak for itself . . . .

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Taman needs to stay at home, and find another job. Horrible football executive IMO, who went up the ranks in football due to his ability to kiss some serious butt and play nice with the media.

He would be an asset to any team as director or player personnel...essentially HR in football.

Taman's paycheques are running out at the end of the year from the Riders so yea, he has to get back to work.

Totally agree with you and I think the Esks, Als and Argos have all given their thumbs down to Taman. Hell, no one thought enough of him to even offer him a gopher position as they are scared he will be revealing everything to Lawless and Madini.

If Joe Mack can come back from the dead and work in the CFL, anyone can!

Funny how he wants back in but does anyone want him back?

Taman should manage trailer parks or Low rent apartment buildings.

The old boys club is a lifetime membership. You can come in but you can never leeeeeave :lol:

Oh and Brendan. Popp called and he says the four day old beard, double chin and mullet is his schtick and to find your own.

Oh...but the tracksuit business attire?

Lord Lyle Bauer and his bum buddy Mike Kelly dispute your assertion Johnny! lol

True Lyle! But, what could possibly be keeping a "gifted" coach like Mike Kelly out of the CFL? Oh life's mysteries...

.....Lyle ....for crying out loud, have you forgotten the Taman trades... I haven't(see draft pics for ageing vets) that put the Bombers behind the eight ball for years with regard to Canadian talent...I don't care how many truck loads of napkins Taman has in his backyard....he can stay there...the league will be better for it...Of course there could be an opening in the janitorial dept. in Regina once the new digs open...That'll get him back in the CFL, sort of :cowboy:

That was a pretty interesting unfiltered interview. Not sure it serves him well but it does point out his "everyman" characteristics which I personally like. His "look" and personna don't really fit with the CFL GMs these days. Might eed a make-over. Kind of looks like a eat over the sink bachelor. Oscar Madison part deux. ( or more).

He's had kind of an interesting GM record...

10.5 years as GM...3 GC appearances. One win.
His teams tend to bomb after being in the GC.

Interesting that he lives on Van Island now. Some nice pubs over there. Probably be a fun guy to have a beer and nachos with.

.....He only patronizes 7 Elevens....Plagued the places in Wpg...You might however catch up with him for a Big Gulp....and that's what I would do....gulp if a team in this league would consider him for gm.... :lol:

A team would have to be pretty desperate Papa to hire Slobbish Taman as GM.

He could always return to how he started - as a ball-boy fetch in Regina in his early 20s.

Some really bad rubbish coaching in the CFL and Maggot Kelly can't find his way back!

I think the word is out on Bauer - he's plagued by the bad ego - can't get along with anyone who challenges his authority.

Even the renowned John Ferguson - who was plagued by ill temper and bad ego when GM'ing the old Winnipeg Jets found work after he was terminated - albeit as a junior executive in California!

There are two jobs Taman could do really well but its likely too much of a work load for him.

President of the CFLPA
Starting his own player agency with a partner.

I think his strength is player relations but he's no GM, no Talent evaluator.

Taman is essentially a sloth so any job requiring extreme attention to detail would be totally out of the question.

Gooner Lawless and Madani miss him cuz they were sucking him dry for information. Now, not so much!

I agree he's not a GM. But his talent evaluation skills are at the very least, average. So he could still find work as a CFL scout and sign-up man.