Brendan Taman - GM

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This is a great article about Taman. We are always ragging on him. This article raises valid points about his ability to find talent.

Sure it talks about him and Miller, but you have to give some credit his way.

Read the article.

As I said on another thread, I'm still not a fan. I still don't think he was the best or most qualified available when he got the job. The whole Berry/Daley thing really dragged him even further down, IMHO. I also think that there is a reason that Miller has to hold his hand, and oversee and approve all of his decisions. As I understand it, if it was up to Taman, Berry would have been HEAD COACH to start the season this year. Yikes!

But I am willing to stop calling for Taman's head while we wait and see just how these pickups of his work out. (Assuming, of course, that they actually ARE his picks, and not Millers.) Moving forward, maybe he can get better.

The number one priority for the depth chart since Cick and Baggs left should have been rush end. Other than drafting Shomari he has done nothing to show that the rush end position is even a third or fourth priority.

He builds defenses from linebacker out, which is completely wrong and backwards. He has no idea how to build a defense. He builds it like a guy watching TV with a beer in his hand. He is not qualified to be a GM.

I bashed him a fair amount last year, and he deserved it, but have supported most of his moves this year and in the off season. A few things he didn't accomplish but a lot that he did.

I too was a vocal non-fan of Tamans and not won over yet. Time will tell but i hope he is able to snag some quality DE from the NFL in the next week or so. Yes the dline is playing better but we need some reinforcements.

it would be nice to see, but really, in the past 10 months, what has Tanam really failed at?

  • He brought in what looks like could be a good STC (definitely an improvement)
  • he brought in talent on the OL, and got it younger (desperately needed)
  • He freed up cap to try signing Andy (and hopefully a DE)
  • Milo was / is a darned good prospect
  • The secondary looks great with the departure of a couple and the addition of a couple
  • Jackson is a top notch pickup and great fit
  • Butler is panning out
  • I still think Eddie Russ has great upside potential...would love to see him
  • He brought in some new RB talent, and replaced an aging FB, even though he was a fan favorite (he, GMs gotta make the tough call right)
  • He did bring in Shomari (last year) and Tearrius, so he has made some moves at DE, and i would not say that these guys are bad players, they are solid and young. at DT he brought in Romero. moves have been made on the line, improvements have come forth, fans just want that "all CFL" caliber player like Chick...hopefully that will happen this year of next...he is definitely making moves and is aware at least.
  • The Riders had some really bad timing on injuries at WR, he brought in some good talent...Nunn was a great prospect but simply hass not panned out, Hill looks like a good fit, Wheelwright looked like a great fit in his preseason action, Robinson has done well, Baker well also. There were also a couple others brought in that look like they could be great players. If anything he brought in too much WR
  • Marshall was not his choice.
  • Berry...well, that is for the HC to decide who his OC is, and if need be they gotta put their foot down.

Really, he has filled holes well. The Riders had unfortunate circumstances at WR and the wrong OC and maybe HC...otherwise they look alright. I really can not fault him too much. Yes, there are things that could have went better like picking up the one great DE (remember Hawkins is also out), perhaps a LB for the depth charts, maybe a KR (Because I would hate to see TJ hurt on a return), but perhaps he did get the best he was able to, and even that aside, he did well. Don't get me wrong, ET was a huge set of shoes to fill, and Tanam frustrated to no end last season (Daley, Berry, the revolving KR door), but if you can look past last season, what do you see since?

My concern right now would be a DE, and in the off season a RB prospect to replace Cates, because I do not know if the answer is on the roster now.

I wasn’t real thrilled with Taman earlier on, but I too recognize that a lot of these moves he’s made have turned out well for the team. I’ve also heard Taman say a number of times that his first choice for HC would have been Ken Miller, but the guy needed a break from coaching after last season. Now he looks a lot more refreshed and rested and having a lot more fun on the sideline, as are the players.

You've got it basically right depop. I guess people either a) have a prejudice when it comes to Taman or b) expect perfection, which simply doesn't exist in the human realm. The guy ain't Midas so not all of his moves have turned to gold, but show me one such GM in all of professional sports and then I shall bow down ...

yeah, and I am now even questioning the need to bring in a DE. The past couple games they have been getting more and more pressure on QBs

Remond Willis is not a bad DE. Plus, with Shomari there, we just have to get these guys more experience.

Also, Milo was a draft pick that’s alright. Butler was a draft that could be a Rookie of the year nominee.

Our return game has improved vastly with multiple guys able to make some good plays.

We have so many talented receivers, injuries are hardly a concern.

Taman is doing a good job. Say it with me.

Perhaps I have a poor memory. Who exactly let Thigpen walk and where is Dorsey now? Talk about a poor decision.

This is one example. It happens. Thigpen had a really bad training camp and did not even crack the top 3. Dorsey was coming off an all-star season. It is an understandable call as he was a proven player. I still believe Daley was the issue, not Dorsey.

Every team has players that they have cut who have gone on to do good things in their new home. And every team has players that they have picked up that have shone in their new team in a way that they didn't in their old team, for whatever reasons. It happens. Riders have 'em both ways, too. This is not news.