Brendan Taman extended

It appears that Brendan Taman will be around for at least two more years. Kind of like the move, but I say if we havent won a Grey Cup he should be gone.

I think he has done an overall good job. He has definitely been an active GM. I personally don't put a championship as a prerequisite for continuance, but would expect a high level of performance from the club on it. There are a lot of intangibles that can really hurt chances for a cup that are out of one's control...look back to 2008...that was an amazing club, but they had an absolutely insane amount of injuries.

I definitely like the idea of having the same GM in there through the expansion draft and its prep work.

If he hasn't gotten us to the cup by the end of these two years than I would agree he should go. I would re-up if we are 1st overall and lose in the west final even, as in a one game final its not really the gms fault. But I think the goal should be to win a cup and at the very least be in it in the next 2 years. I am quite certain that their goal is to win the cup every year though. As it should be really.

I like Brendan, and I think he has done quite well for us, we'll see how it transpires though. I know he is getting a lot of flack over at riderfans but that is par for the course really.

Be an awful lot of unemployed GMs out there if every team had a rule that said win a Cup in 2 years or you're gone.

I just hope the Riders dont make the same move they have made in the past two decades again. The days of Roy Shivers is an example. The Riders made the playoffs every year but the first year he was here, but Roy just wouldnt make the decision of finding a new head coach to get us over the hump. Al Ford overstayed his welcome in the 90s. Now that this team has some money behind it, I dont see why they shouldnt be winning or being in a championship at least once every 4-5 years.

I have nothing against Tanman but this should be his make or break seasopn. If you look at his numbers thoughout his career he is 62 wins 81 loses and 1 tie all time as a genernal manager. In the last 4 years with the Riders he is 23 wins and 31 loses while gm of the Riders. I hope the Riders have a great season and they win the grey cup but if they don’t have a .500 record and miss the playoffs time to start looking for somone new.

6 out of 8 to be exact. Wow, tough gig.

In my eyes he is 8-10

The 1st 2 seasons (2010/11) he was a puppet with no wasn't his team...I mean god, his HC decision was vetoed. Last season (2012...his 3rd season...making this his 4th) he dug really heavy into rebuilding the team, so an 8-10 record is not bad...this is test season.

if you want to count 2010 as his...fine...he lost in the GC in his first year.

If I remember correctly Corry Chamblins contract expiers at the same time that Brennan Taman's does now ?
which only makes sense to me to have both expire at the same time so that if you want to change things up the new GM can have his choice for head coach.

:twisted: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted:

LOL I remember not that far back everyone wanted him gone, I am still not a big fan of his, but this season will tell the tale won’t it.