Brendan Taman and eventual Miller replacement

Do we fire Taman immediately following the season?

Who should replace him? That’s the scary part. Who replaces Taman?

He seems so ineffective as GM that it’s depressing. So, IMO, he has to go.

This sounds crazy, but I bet Wally Buono would make an incredible GM. If he’s done in BC then I say interview him for the spot, see what comes of it.

Also, considering Ken Miller announced ( a year ago or so ) that this is his last year as coach, we’re going to need a GREAT head coach. I like Miller but if he retires . . .

CGY defensive coordinator - Chris Jones would make a decent head coach, IMO.

My gut was telling me it should be Joe Womack when they were going through the hiring process, and I still think he could be the answer. He was Tillmans' chief scout and has all the contacts Tillman does. I don't expect to be able to keep him in his current scouting role after this season, as I am sure he would want to team up with Tillman again, if it is just a scouting job. Plus hiring him would weaken Tillman somewhat as his right hand man would now be a rival. How long is Tamans' contract? Do you think they would really let him go after 1 season? I would be all for it but can't see Hopson pulling the trigger on this one, this early.

Taman will not be replaced.

Womack will join ET in Edmonton.

Berry will become HC in Regina and Daley will get promoted to Asst HC.............

The Bomber connection will dismantle everything that ET/Austin have built.

I disagree with tenacity44. It seems you are merely a pessimist giving a pessimist answer. Doug Berry hasn't shown that he's capable of coaching us yet. What's your logic there?

I still say Buono is GM material.

I'd tend to suspect that for the next head coaching vacancy, both of Calgary's coordinators, Jones and Dickenson, will get serious consideration.

I don't expect to see Daley even becoming our water boy next year. I can see however Richie Hall being part of the organization again.

Fire Taman, Miller takes over as Full GM and HC. Hire Dave Dickenson as Offensive Co. After next year, Miller is GM, Dave is HC. I think Dickenson would do it, Huff aint going nowhere. Also, this gets rid of Berry...the biggest immediate problem with the club.

dickenson as HC?

Darn right Dickenson. He is level headed (like Austin and Miller), he has a superb understanding of the game, makes good decisions, has experience as an offensive co, is young and could grow with the organization, he is a calm individual (what I personally feel is a major quality needed to be a successful coach). He also played for Wally...the winningest coach of all time, and helped with play development, he is now on the coaching staff of Huff...another great coach, and would have a year or to to be on the sideline with Miller to really become fluent with the team. The fact that he is on the sideline and not in a booth shows that he has a desire to be be able to talk directly to the players after plays and discuss offense. Burris has really blossomed with Dave in town...he has a deep play book...something Burris has never been able to do before, which means he has the ability to really communicate with his team. Henry has always had a really small playbook, relying heavily on a stron arm and quick he has an arsenal of plays. From people I know that have played with Henry in the passed, he simply did not have the retention for 40+ plays, but he does now...hat speaks piles for Dave Dickenson. If we don't scoop him, I know someone else will, and I really believe he will be a good coach.

I hate to say it but our next HC is on the staff now. Convenience is the catchword and a return to mediocrity is the result.

Good luck with that. Dickenson is already an offensive coordinator. . . what makes you think Calgary would allow him to leave for a lateral transfer? Teams usually allow a coach to leave if he's getting a promotion (as in head coach), but rarely if ever allow a lateral transfer.

try reading the rest of the post. That is why he would be interested.
so...make him assistant hc

also, CFL clubs are usually pretty gentlemanly about allowing people to make moves, especially coaches, while under contract. If they would not allow him to talk under these terms, then offer a HC job...they would almost definitely allow that. Miller could still stay on as GM and Dave's "assistant" head coach.

As I understand it, in practice, most assistant coaching contracts in the CFL are one-year contracts. That is not like in the league's constitution so it doesn't have to be that way and may not be in Dickenson's case, but if it is, there is no permission required.

good point legal

I think it would be crazy to not go after him. I just have that feeling he is going to be big as a coach.

It is the same feeling when Austin was announced as OC in Toronto...I bet my buddy 100 bucks TO would win inside 2 years. I bet him the same thing when he came to Sask as coach. I won those bets, and I would take then same bet on Dave in Sask right now.

He will become a HC. Not in Regina though. Not in the cards. He’ll be the hottest commodity for coaching in the last 20 years.

Look for Buono to focus in GM duties and DD to be HC in BC next year.

Still owns a house there. And has a bucket load of good will.

Regina, while the fans love to think it is the hotbed of football, is a volatile maybe toxic place for any longevity.

Dave may want to coach for a team that has a large fan base that cares about football. Why coach say in Montreal or TO where people don't even know who you are or care what you do? Dave is a competitive guy by nature they enjoy the atmosphere and the challenge.

He won’t be going to those two either.
Either BC or Edmonton. Depends who steps up first. I’m saying he’ll be offered both of those jobs and it’ll be a quiet bidding war.

And just to clarify my earlier post. A head coach is only as secure as the GM. You guys in Sask seem to want to run Taman out on a rail. What new coach would jump into that mess? Sounds like Winnipeg in days gone by. Buono and Tillman will be around for a long while.

I would think He would go to BC 1st, if Wally is willing to step aside...but don't count on that for another 2 seasons.

Going to the Esks...maybe. I would think Tillman would be willing to make a move, BUT if the Esks make the playoffs, I wouldn't think so. Tillman, I believe, always liked Hall, so he may give some extra leeway.

I think that basically leaves the Riders as the 3rd of the most likely to make a move. Hopefully they think this through. Dave would consider this...this offense has a lot of talent that needs to be tweaked. The defense is great, just needs a couple upgrades after it was hit hard by 5 players departing. The O-line could use some new blood, and hey, this is supposedly the year of the lineman in the draft.

This has to be appealing to any OC, GM, DC, or HC.