Just wanted to gage Riderfan opinion on who wed like to see start in the place of Jamel Richardson this Saturday against the argos. Breeden or Kelly? Ive seen neither on the field, but from what others have told me theyve seen plus their track records, im hoping well tap into some nice potential. Thoughts/opinions?

I thinking Breeden. He reminds me of Jamal Richardson he can break tackles. and ive played with him on madden and he was blowing by all the NFLs best corners :smiley:

I love how you based what he is going to play like from Madden this makes me laugh!!!

Honestly I would like them to put Fantuz in, lets see the kid play!

Considering Fantuz has been behind Cory Grant on the depth chart (hopefully that will change) this year, don't bet on seeing him replace Richardson.
And an American will go on the roster to replace Richardson no matter what, so bet on Breedan just because he was here last year and it's time to see what he can do.
But Fantuz will eventually get some playing time--just be patient.

He has been out on special teams and was in on the offence for at least one play last game. But I agree, I think we will see Breeden, but Kelly is also capable.

One thought would be to activate Bracey for a game.

Fantuz was only in for one offensive play against BC because Armstead had a wardrobe malfunction and they handed the ball off. However, I agree with activating Bracey, but rather than replacing Richardson with him, why not Keith. I like Kenton, but he obviously has other issues to deal with right now and it is severely affecting his qulaity of play. I think he is getting the shaft with this whole assault charge thing, but until that is resolved, maybe they should try something a little different. I didn't see any preseason games, but from what it sounded like on the radio, Bracey is more of a North South runner and he is big. It seems the stronger backs (Reynolds) rather than the shifty ones (Keith) are having greater success this year. It seems defenders have figured KK out. Just my 2 cents.

Go Riders!!

Question for all those wanting Bracey to move in.

How is he out of the back field receiving?

How is a power RB any different than giving the ball to Szarka or Hathway?

How is it that everyone thinks KK is having a bad year when he only has 16 carries and has been hit in the backfield on half of those but still has a better than 5 per carry average? and has been great out of the back field receiving and blocking.

maybe if we are going to try something different lets give the ball to keith more. Or find away to get the Oline to make some block. IMO the Oline has been the second biggest disappointment this season.

Excellent point Herschel. As I said, I really like KK. I think on a good day he is still in the top three of the league. But, on a bad day he has trouble getting things going. I don't think they should take his job away, just let him resolve his off field problems while they give Bracey a chance.... if only a brief one. And I agree that the Oline has been a huge dissappointment considering the names we have on the line. Good post Herschel.

Go Riders!!

I would keep KK in, he can catch out of the backfield. Not sure about Bracey, but he seemed to have good hands in camp.

Bracey reminds me of Sellers, able to run with 2 or 3 players dragging along, I just do not see that in CS of CH.

Well the are fighting it out at the moment. Breeden brings size and toughness and Kelly bring speed.

Besides myself, does anyone else think Cory Hathaway has what it takes to become a full time slotback,......just a thought.......GO RIDERS GO

I think he is in line to replace Szarka.

You mean Like Hughs..another canadian rotting on the roster..great Special teams guy though