Breaux vs Owens

this match-up deserves it's own thread.

Breaux been a treat to watch. Stephen as well, but Breaux vs Owens is going to be a big factor in our next game.

A game that really stood out for me: shutting down Fred Stamps and Adarius Bowman vs EDM.

I've seen people say "it's the receivers dropping passes" and sure, they have dropped one or two timely ones but what about getting shut down for most of 60 minutes?

Friday will be a great game!

Ray will be flat on his back everytime he tries to throw. advantage Breaux

During the team's pre-game warm up versus the Eskies I went down to the field and shouted out "Hey Delvin!", he turned his head to listen and I shouted out twice "this is your game tonight, not his!" (pointing to Bowman on the other side of midfield). Man he loved it! I got an enthusiastic thumbs up and a few hand claps.

This guy is THE shut down DB in the CFL. He is tough, physical and has great range. He always faces the opposition's best... I can't wait to see him take down The Fumblin' Hawiian! :thup:

Owens is a slotback so unless the Ticats move Breaux around to specifically match up with him it will more likely be Stewart and Murray covering him most of the time.

From Kirk Penton's 'The Insiders' on Wednesday:

Look at the film. I don't think any of us have a better short-side combo than Hamilton does with (Delvin) Breaux and (Brandon) Stewart. They are long and physical and tough for us to play against. You guys might not vote them all-stars, but a lot of offensive co-ordinators would"
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I wouldn't go that far. Bowman certainly didn't have any issue getting open against us a few weeks ago. He just couldn't catch the ball.

Point well made. Consider though that, sometimes the “dropsies” are the result of a physical approach by the DBs and having to battle through tight, well played coverage. A receiver being in fear of a big hit or a late break on the ball may tighten up or lose focus just enough to misplay the pass. While I agree that all pro receivers should catch the type of passes that were dropped in those games, but I’m not ready to concede that the D has nothing to do with those drops.

Breaux, Stewart, Stevens and Butler should be ball hawks tonight against Toronto, Ray loves to pass and shutting down the passing game will be a key to victory against the Argo's plus a great rush from our front Defensive Lineman and LB's, Let's Rush the Heck out of Ray, put him on his butt, stop any rush game and pick off a few passes.


I agree. Hopefully Zach and the boys can take advantage of what our D gives them.


I hear you, but Bowman is notorious for having the dropsies from time to time. Whether that's a result of DBs being physical with him, I have no idea.

so... how exactly do we end up with Erik Harris one-on-one with Chad Owens playing prevent defence?

If they were in a prevent defense what was the free safety, Butler doing on the line of scrimmage?

From my vantage point Owens was clearly offside on that play.

CLEARLY offside refs arm was too sore to toss the flag lol

Who did Ray try to throw to twice in a row late in the game of last year’s eastern final when he needed big yards, even a touchdown?? Yep.

Who did he throw to last night in the same set of circumstances?? Yep.

Why was Harris covering him? Why did he not have help??

All week long, leading up to this game, it was preached to us constantly how Owens was going to be such a factor.

Bad strategy?? Bad execution??

History should teach us something.

Owens is a great football player. It just sickens me that he is such a huge douchebag. At least I know what my Hallowe'en costume will be...