Breaux sends message to Cats for tonight

New Orleans Saints and X-Cat Delvin Breaux tweeted a message to the team…

Delvin Chip Breaux ?@BreauxShow24
its game day @Ticats oskee wee wee oskee waa waa holy mackinaw tigers eatem raw #CFL

:thup: :thup:

cant we just sign him for a game or 2 lol


or at the very least fly him in (all expenses paid of course) to be at the TiCats sidelines as a team leader/supporter for the opening game......or EVERY game. lol

Or when we play in the Grey Cup game this November.

Montreal games for sure.

So he can shut down that headcase Carter again and again.

From Saints training Camp(For you bobo)

I wonder what Harris' chances are of making the team? Is he trying out as a LB or DB?

From what I read before, they wanted him as a gunner on teams, but based on NFL size, he is a DB. Likely FS or SS.

First of all Thanks to Grover for that great pic :smiley: and now here is an update on Erik from the Saints T.Camp where according to this article he is already turning heads and making quite the impression.

[url=] ... mpression/[/url]

Thanks for that article, Bobo.

From what is says, it looks like Harris is even earning a shot to contribute on D as a FS. I'm happy for the guy! I wonder if he has told them that he can also catch TD passes?

The highlight video in that link shows the "edge" that Harris brought to the Cats' D in his time with the team. It is exactly that edge which is missing from the D so far this year. Rico and Sears jr have shown flashes of that edge but, to date no one has consistently provided it in the way that Harris did.