Breaux seems to be the only player fighting to win

Based on the two games so far it seems like Breaux is the only player on the team that never takes a play off. The guy has a clear drive to succeed. His intensity and desire is obvious.

Why is he the only one who's all in?

I love the kid. He has determination and he does fight on every play. His path to the game and experiences are so vastly different from everyone else on that filed. He is lucky to be able to play and he knows that.

I don't think it is fair to say he is the only one who is all in though. We had 6 new guys on D alone. It takes time. Some of the mistakes we made were just guys trying to make things happen and it didn't work out. I like the culture of the team and I think we have lots of guys who have a drive to win. Time will tell.

You are right about that . Guys like Bkari Grant, Giguere seem to go through the motions to me .

Breaux is a rare case though ..We can't expect everyone to be like him else the other team would pack up and go home .

i think Moore , Ellingson , Lamar, Eric Harris, Jamal , Lawrence, Beswick , patrck and King all bring intensity just not as much . i am sure the word is out around the league to keep your head up around this guy ..just ask Chad Owen.

I think we have only seen the beginnings of the fight that is in Breaux. He will only get better and more aggressive the more he settles in to his role and the Canadian game.

With as much as we've seen from him already I think it's only a sampling of what is to come from him. I really love this guys heart and desire.