Breaux coming back to the Hammer

Hey, Ticats, wake up

This makes me soooo happy! Greatest DB in modern CFL history IMO.

This makes me happy in places I don't want to talk about on the forum ...

Timmis has his old #27 he wore in Hamilton. He will need either a new number, or to coax Timmis to give it up.

Now we just have to figure out how to get Erik Harris back. 8)

I don't think we will be prying Erik Harris away from Jon Gruden and the Raiders

Jon Gruden calls Erik Harris 'stunning’ and then Harris went out and showed it


He is in Calgary!!
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You'll never guess who we just ran into...

Man, this news couldn't be any better.

Remember this? Breaux shut down loudmouth Carter all game, to the point that Carter took a swing at him near the end & took a 15 yard penalty.

Welcome home, Delvin!!

Welcome back Delvin!
Best news of the day.

Great new!....Adds instant maturity to the DB's and a guy with real CFL experience and NFL respect - great all around move. Hopefully he will drag Simoni up a bit after his bone head move.

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have reunited with veteran defensive back Delvin Breaux who has joined the club in the middle of their Western road swing.

He is in CGY now

Hopefully he has only lost half a step, as losing an entire step will make him average.
Now, I hope Glanville and Steinhauer can have a defensive plan to maximixe our defense's talents.

(adds a lot of height too)

So let me get this straight we
Bring Delvin @ 200,000k but there wasn’t enough money in the Kitty to sign our #1 draft pick and make a deal for Chapman?! What gives did we really need a American DB getting up in age and who hopefully can stay healthy ?$$$ is this money well spent not in my opinion hope this works out for our team

Breaux is only 28, and we used the Kanneh $$$ to pay him the bulk of that contract

Breaux >>>>>>>> Kanneh

This Chapman guy must be like a Canadian Randy Moss or something.. never heard this much want for a Canadian guy since the amazing future HOF Samuel Giguere

Delvin isn't a rookie which is the difference . Chapman's agent and the Ticats can't agree on a contract .

i respect the questions posed by cats99 and ask:
After watching game 1, is an expensive boundary corner what this team needs most?
Similar to, heading into training camp, was an expensive back-up QB what this team needed most?