Breaux coming back to the Hammer

Dan Ralph?Verified account
19m19 minutes ago
Am hearing former #CFL all-star DB Delvin Breaux might be returning to Canada, likely with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Breaux played with Ticats from 2013-14 before joining NFL's New Orleans Saints and playing with them the last three seasons. He's currently a free agent.

That would be good.

He would have to adjust his style, which was always quite aggressive. Last time he played in the CFL, defenders were still allowed to defend. Now they are expected to jump out of the way if a receiver runs towards them.

If he signs with us(Please,please,please), Our "D" is up for a massive upgrade!!

Dunk says it's a done deal!

Defensive back Delvin Breaux signing with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is a done deal, per sources.
The Toronto Argonauts were also in the mix for Breaux’s services.

Drew Edwards?Verified account
2m2 minutes ago
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When Breaux left the #Ticats, he was one of the best boundary corners in the #CFL. He's still just 28-year-old.

Apparently it’s a done deal . :slight_smile:

3DN reporting…

Welcome home Breaux Show !!! 8)

Grover does it again !!! Beats my scoop by mere minutes . :smiley:

Great news!!!

Going to be an exciting home opener (assuming he won't be playing Friday night).

This is a good time to remind ourselves about a certain key statistic.

Tiger-Cats Grey Cup appearances in the 21st century:

  • Without Breaux in the line-up: 0 for 16
  • With Breaux in the line-up: 2 for 2

Duron Carter is already starting to worry.

Sorry bobo, If it helps, one of the first people I thought of when I saw this, was you!

He is probably getting the Kanneh $$$, makes that trade make more sense.

Breaux, 6'1", 200lbs of All Star DB !

That was my first thought as well. Hoping for the best. He was one of my fav players last time around.

LOL !!! Thanks Grov ;DBreaux signing makes Bobo very happy ;D

I'm wondering though what number he'll be wearing ? Mercer Timmis has his old number #27 jersey but looking at the roster I see that his number #40 from his Saints days is available .

Great news!

Although I'm sure (some) people here will say he's just using it as a stepping stone to get back to the N.F.L.

I hope he hasn’t lost a step. He did have serious injuries the past 2 seasons. Everything he has gone through I am routing for the guy to come back in top form

Yeah good point. His aggressiveness could lead to a lot of pass interference calls. But on the other hand we will have a sure tackler.

Agreed. he probably has lost a step from pro bowler.... but hopefully its enough to be successful here.

Breaux has been a shut-down corner in both the CFL and NFL.

On that basis, I wonder where our coaches will play him: halfback or SAM?

He is probably getting the Kanneh $$$, makes that trade make more sense.
He will be getting $200K hard money!

Ticats make Delvin Breaux highest paid DB in the CFL

Breaux will make just under $200,000 in hard money on the 2018 contract with the Tiger-Cats and it could easily go over that number with incentives. Multiple CFL teams inquired about Breaux’s services which drove the price tag up.
That makes Breaux the highest paid defensive back in the CFL, topping the approximately $175,000 earned by Canadians Antoine Pruneau (Ottawa) and Courtney Stephen (Hamilton) and well in excess of the around $150,000 being paid to American Tommie Campbell by the Montreal Alouettes.

Omg what a upgrade is right..we are stacked back there now.

Delvin Breaux
Courtney Stephen
Richard Leonard
Mike Daly
Jumal Rolle
Frankie Williams
John Green
Cariel Brooks

Does the salary cap even apply to the Argos? They seem to have unlimited resources to hunt and sign free agents.

The Breaux Show is back: Here’s what it means for the Ticats