Breakout year for Mike Jones?

Looked good in game 1.

#12 Ti-Cat Receiver Mike Jones was impressive all right !
Future is bright and a National (Canuck) to boot!

He got almost half of his yards from all last season in one game this year. I'd say it's certainly possible.

2017: 285 yards on 28 catches for a 10.2 yard average per catch

2018: 120 yards on 5 catches for a 24 yard average per catch

Easy now, this is Mike Jones gang.

It appears that CGY was concentrating on Speedy B and Tasker and leaving Saunders and Jones a little more room, good on both those REC for stepping up.
EDM will have to account more for those 2 now.

The EDM "D" made that WPG rookie QB look pretty good last game giving up 30 points
and Gable was a total non factor with only 40 yards rushing

EDM also had 4 starters go on the 6gm IL after that game