BreakingNews- Lions Wally Buono not returning'17-2 candidate

Was told that the Lions have had discussions that included Wally Buono to gage the interest in 2 candidates.

  • Marc Trestman
  • Glen Constantin

Your source on this?

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A---SS MEDIA'S Sources for this Breaking News Story :lol: :lol: :lol:

excuse me? are you not wanting to know this information? or are you like the USA media and like to troll false information and then once get owned you will turn around and pretend it didn't happen.

I stand by my sources as they are correct and accurate.

Fine, name your sources.

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My source is someone close to the BC Lions - I stand by my source.

And you just have to deal with it that I am correct. Was told once Lions lose next week cause they will then Wally Buono will make the announcement and following GC they will make an official offer to Trestman or Constantin.

I can change my name to Media Guru and post BS in every post as well. Nice to see that you're still interested in the CFL Marty York. hahaha

Buono will be the HC and GM of the BC Lions in 2017. He gave Braley a two year commitment, and has enjoyed being back on the sidelines. What happens for 2018 and beyond is anyone's guess - potential new owners could be in by then.

Source. Glen Constantin and Trestman are candidates. Apparently Wally Buono advised if they could go in that direction they should and he can go back as full time GM

I agree that Wally should stay on but whats best for the Lions long term when he doesn't want to coach for the next 10 yrs.

For him. I can see him coaching a team like Ottawa or Montreal but not BC. He has been there soooo long. Can't believe he left Calgary. I remember when that happened. Same thing now. Been there sooo long. Must love the city and organization.

New owners are coming!

Source. The sun rose this morning.

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BC apparently is going to go hard after Glen Constantin. Its also being reported in Vancouver media now. Things are heating up. Laval has a good program cause of him. This could be huge!

Can we put this idiocy to rest once and for all?

“I came to a conclusion: if I was going to be doing this job [GM], I had to do both roles,? Buono said in a recent interview in his office.

[url=] ... e32830369/[/url]

(an actual named source, FWIW)

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Buono is staying on as HC of the lions as being reported by everyone but you.

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