BREAKING REPORT -- CFL next commisioner

Very close to the situation, and just heard that the CFL BOG have apparently started extensive work on the final group of candidates.

It is possible that there may be more on the list, but I have heard the last 10 days the CFL has had discussed the vacant job with the following.

Bob David
Frank Mckenna
Gus Walker
Keith Pelley
Paul C. Wilson
Conredge Holloway
Jock Climie


with the exception of pelley, none of these names mean anything to me....never heard of them.

never heard of Jock Climie :o

or Holloway :o

Are you in grade school yet :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :lol:

im 23

those names do sound sorta familiar..former players?

jock he on tsn?


Not to mention that Holloway has just been mentioned as part of one of the greatest QBREC pairs.

well...lets see, i was 1 when he won a grey cup in toronto in 1983.

so this explains why i've never heard of him.

McMahon Has to be Marty York... Is gotta be him! :roll: :roll:

Close to the situation??


Sporty I have to agree with you. This guy dreams up news reports much like the real thing! :lol:

Mckeena used to be a federal minister

Climie?!? Are the Feteriks still on the board of governors?

Next thing McMahon will be telling us is Loonie Glieberman has been hired for CFL marketing at head office. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Hey I know a guy that would be great! He is a real flashing dresser and can bench press three thousand pounds.
You got it Fred Fetari! He would be great! He would be at every game in the league with his Armani suits and Gucci shoes! Loves the game!


Vince will announce that Hulk Hogan will be the new Commish!

Is he still around dressed in polyester?

NO he performs at Venice Beach! If you have been there that is a place to see freaks! Sort of like JAsper Av on a good day!

Maybe we should just let TSN decide since apparently they picked up all the best football minds in canada. Hey how come the king of the ill fitting suit hasnt been given a chance to run the league or a team yet

Hmmm he scares everyone with his weigh lifting! Lifting weights in those suits is scary!